Harrison/Elstree Props/Norank: Raiders of the Lost Ark ‘Staff of Ra’ Headpiece Props in the Marketplace

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As a continuation of recent articles, the focus of this feature is the recent activity in the marketplace concerning the “Staff of Ra” headpiece props attributed to Raiders of the Lost Ark – all of which appear to have originated from the Harrison family (who retired from and sold the “Elstree Props” business in early 2008 and now sell unlicensed replica props as “Norank Engineering” and on eBay as “unisusu”).  With one purchased for $450 and another offered for resale for $30,000 (along with a German hat), it certainly raises a number of questions and concerns, and warrants investigation, debate, and discussion. Read more

“Who is N. Harrison?”: Update on Questions About Certificates of Authenticity Issued By Prior Owners of Elstree Props

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As a continuation of the article published a few days ago (see ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Return to Oz’, Return to eBay, and Return of The Harrisons (formerly “Elstree Props”) from Retirement?) and direct update to one published back in February 2009 (see Elstree Props, Fertility Idols, Light Gods, Danziger Collection COAs (Multiple Topic Update)), I have secured additional information related to the outstanding question, “Who is N. Harrison?”, as signatory on “The Danziger Collection” of “Elstree Film Studios”, found on the previously issued Elstree Props COAs, prior to the change of ownership in early 2008.  Read more

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Return to Oz’, Return to eBay, and Return of The Harrisons (formerly “Elstree Props”) from Retirement?

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eBay seller “unisusu“, who has identified himself as Luke Harrison, grandson of Norman Harrison and son of Paul Harrison, has been selling entertainment memorabilia with Norank Engineering/Elstree Props/”Danziger Collection” lineage/provenance.  Also of interest is the website, more presumably unlicensed replica props attributed to Raiders of the Lost Ark, a large supply of gold-plated “production made” crew gifts from Walt Disney’s Return to Oz, and other newly produced (presumably unlicensed) “for sale” replica pieces from the same film.   Read more