Roger J. Christian Offers Some Insights Into Original Prop Lightsabers from “Star Wars: A New Hope” (Update To NRA Museum / Graflex Flash / Ellis Props Articles)


This week Roger J. Christian, who won an Academy Award for his work as Set Decorator on Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), published a reader comment to one of my older articles concerning the prop lightsabers used in that first Original Trilogy film, and two featured at the NRA Museum acquired from Ellis Props.  I feel Mr. Christian's information as principal production member … [Read more...]

Revisiting Ellis Props & Graphics – Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) Assigned to TV and Movie Props, Set Pieces, & Costumes Circulating in the Marketplace


For reasons unknown to me, I continue to receive communications from recent buyers of memorabilia attributed to film and television productions, who believe I have something to do with various eBay sellers and/or Ellis Props (see article from one month ago today, "NOTICE: Original Prop Blog Does Not/Will Not Supply Props to Dealers “jnsmcmahan”, “jsnent”, John Tarter, Billie … [Read more...]

Pawn Stars Authentication of “Star Trek: The Original Series” TV Props (Communicator, Phaser, Tribble)


I truly found "reality" series Pawn Stars enjoyable when it first came on the air on History back in 2009, but it has become more and more character oriented over the years.  But I always watch an episode if someone tells me that something is brought onto the show to sell that I might find interesting to watch.  This past week was one of those times, with the episode "Beam Me … [Read more...]

Pawn Stars Latest Episode Features Civil War Jacket – “TBS” Stamp – Inspector’s Mark or “The Burbank Studios”?


Friends and Original Prop Blog readers Jen and Bryce wrote to me today in regards to one of the latest episodes of Pawn Stars, which premiered last night. In the episode, "Late Night Chum", a customer brings in what appears to be a Civil War jacket. Mark, the Administrator from the Clark County Museum, is called on to help authenticate it, and speculates that the stamped … [Read more...]

Vintage Expert Raises Questions About “John Wayne” Western Costume Company Wardrobe At Auction


Vintage and Classic Hollywood original prop and wardrobe expert Rick Spector of Stairway to the Stars has contacted me this week with concerns about the authenticity of a wardrobe piece attributed to John Wayne listed in the "Cody Old West Show and Auction" scheduled for this weekend. … [Read more...]

Star Wares eBay Auction: Spider-Man 70’s TV Costume “Worn On Screen” or “Made For Publicity Purposes”?


Questions have recently been raised among collectors about attributions made on a Spider-Man costume described as "worn on screen in the 70's TV Series SPIDER MAN", which is slated to end at auction on eBay tomorrow morning.  Prop dealer Star Wares today added information to the marketing description which, following research, would seem to indicate that the suit was not made … [Read more...]

Superman Costume Comparative Analysis: Warner Bros. Archive, Authenticated vs. “Super Hollywood”


I started asking questions about Superman costumes in the marketplace, attributed to the Christopher Reeve films of the 70s and 80s, over two years ago.  Since, I have published over 100 related articles, asking questions and sharing information and insights - all in an attempt to bring clarity to the marketplace and empower collectors and other interested parties with more … [Read more...]

“Hands On” Superman Costume Comparative Analysis In Development: Warner Bros. Archive, Authenticated vs. “Super Hollywood”


I spent the day in Burbank yesterday, performing a "hands on" analysis and comparison of confirmed authentic costumes (two recently released from the Warner Bros. Archives) from multiple Superman films starring Christopher Reeve (Superman II, III, and IV) with the three "Super Hollywood" costumes examined in a recent article (see "Super Hollywood" Superman III Costume Case … [Read more...]