VIP Fan Auctions Launches Official Paramount Pictures Movie Prop & Costume Auctions and Website


Longtime movie and television prop and costume studio reseller VIP Fan Auctions has launched a series of official Paramount Pictures listings on eBay, along with a new website.   Studio assets are currently being offered for sale on eBay from G.I. Joe, She's Out of My League, Shutter Island, and Up in the Air.  … [Read more...]

NOTICE: “The Original Prop Blog” Has No Affiliation With New Website “The Prop Blog” (Screaming Sports? Propworx?)


There is a new website called "The Prop Blog".  In that this can cause confusion for anyone searching for "The Original Prop Blog" - since the name is nearly the identical - I thought it would be appropriate to publish a public notice and statement of the fact that "The Prop Blog" has no connection nor affiliation whatsoever with "The Original Prop Blog".  However, based on my … [Read more...]

Premiere Props Response To Better Business Bureau Rating, Consignment Checks Returned “NSF”


Yesterday's feature reported on the Better Business Bureau having dropped their rating for Premiere Props to a score of "D".  Based on my research, it appears to have been the result of complaints filed against the studio prop reseller by one of their consignors and customers, David Brandon of, and a dispute which involved consignment checks returned to him by … [Read more...]

Premiere Props ‘Better Business Bureau’ Rating Score Drops to “D”


Premiere Props, known in the hobby as a "studio reseller" (a company that sells original film and television assets on behalf of various studios) has recently had a significant drop in their Better Business Bureau rating.  Their current BBB score is a "D" (with only two possible lower grades, a "D-" and an "F").  … [Read more...]

Annual Holiday Warning About Buying Fake and Fraudulent Movie Props, Costumes, and Memorabilia as Gifts


Since today is "Black Friday", I thought it would be appropriate to republish an editorial that I posted last year as the holiday season approached, warning consumers against the purchase of television and movie props, costumes, and other assets as gifts for loved ones.  … [Read more...]

Disney To Acquire Marvel Entertainment In $4 Billion Deal; Future Impact on “Studio Reseller” Deals?


Disney announced today that it is in the process of buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion dollars in cash and stock.  This acquisition will include ownership over Marvel's thousands of characters as well as Marvel Studios, which is responsible for film franchises such as Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor, and Captain America. … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic Con 2009: Event Recap, Impressions, Experiences, Perspectives


As with last year's event, I thought I'd share my own personal impressions and experiences about Comic-Con International 2009 in San Diego, to close out my series of articles and features on the event (see San Diego Comic Con 2009).  … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic Con 2009: Video Interview with Alec Peters, PropWorx


I had an opportunity to meet and chat with Alec Peters, CEO of PropWorx, while attending San Diego Comic Con.  The video interview includes a recap of the Battlestar Galactica auction (past and future), a "state of the hobby" review, talk about competition among other dealers/resellers and auction houses, a discussion of issues in the hobby, and news about the future of … [Read more...]