Terminator Endo Skull on eBay, Part 2 (Blu-Ray Stills, The Winson Effect)


This is a continuation of the first article looking at the "SCREEN-USED ENDOSKELETON HEAD FROM THE 1984 FILM "TERMINATOR" STARRING ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER".  I have compiled high resolution screen captures from The Terminator Blu-Ray Disc.  I have also researched the great detail about the development and filming of the Terminator endoskeleton and skull by Stan Winston Studios in … [Read more...]

Terminator Endo Skull On eBay


I've received a number of inquires about the authenticity of the metal Endo skull on eBay, so I thought I would post a response here and archive the auction for future reference. I have not researched the piece beyond the auction listing, and from my point of view, it has not been proven authentic nor inauthentic, so I would personally view authenticity as inconclusive. … [Read more...]