Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth UK Supreme Court Ruling: The Mainstream Media Interviews Andrew Ainsworth

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Having followed the news reported by the mainstream media following Wednesday’s UK Supreme Court decision, there have been some interesting accounts coming from the Ainsworth camp yesterday and today, including a very simplistic characterization of how the helmet and armor made their way from two to three dimensions (completely leaving out the sculpture contributions by Ms. Liz Moore and Mr. Brian Muir).  It will be interesting to see how this saga will continue to play out following the ruling in England. Read more

UK Supreme Court Rules in Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth Star Wars “Stormtrooper Helmet” Copyright Legal Battle

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Since 2007, the Original Prop Blog has been covering the legal battle between Lucasfilm Limited and Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios over the sale of unlicensed replica Star Wars props and costumes.  The UK Supreme Court is today published their ruling on the two issues presented to them.  Of the two, the most critical came down to whether the stormtrooper helmets themselves constituted “sculptures” in a way consistent with UK law.  The court ruled that they do not, and thus delivered a victory to Ainsworth, which also leaves those following the case wondering about the ramifications to copyrights and copyright law and the consequences of the decision.  The second question before them was decided in favor to Lucasfilm, which involves IP holders and their rights to pursue copyright claims in those cases where such laws are violated in other jurisdictions. Read more

Bloomberg Report on Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper Helmet Copyright Lawsuit; UK Supreme Court Decision Still Pending

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Bloomberg today published a video report on the Lucasfilm Ltd. vs. Andrew Ainsworth dispute.  After Ainsworth prevailed in the UK Court of Appeals in late 2009, the case was argued before the UK Supreme Court in early March.  Mr. Ainsworth features prominently while giving a tour of his studio; Lucasfilm is represented by a two sentence written statement.  While the short broadcast captures an interesting mainstream media perspective of the case, it lacks a substantive review of the two specific legal issues under consideration in the pending UK Supreme Court decision, noting  that “the legal arguments are detailed and complex“. Read more

UK Supreme Court Publishes Case Details for Lucasfilm Limited vs Andrew Ainsworth Copyright Dispute, Awaiting Judgment

April 2, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

While the hearing for Lucasfilm Ltd. vs. Andrew Ainsworth was held before the Justices early last month, the case details were only just recently published on UK Supreme Court website.   While the Judgment is currently pending,  the case summary offers a concise outline of the two issues to be considered by the court. Read more

‘The 1709 Blog’ Offers Coverage, Insights, Legal Analysis of Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth UK Supreme Court Hearing on Stormtrooper Copyright

March 17, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Hugo Cox of The 1709 Blog, “dedicated to all things copyright, warts and all“, published a substantive feature today entitled “Star Wars: the Hearing”.  This article provides coverage of the three-day UK Supreme Court hearing that took place last week, with in person observations and legal insights, analysis, and observations on Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth in the related copyright dispute over the Stormtrooper helmets as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. Read more

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