UK Supreme Court Publishes Case Details for Lucasfilm Limited vs Andrew Ainsworth Copyright Dispute, Awaiting Judgment


While the hearing for Lucasfilm Ltd. vs. Andrew Ainsworth was held before the Justices early last month, the case details were only just recently published on UK Supreme Court website.   While the Judgment is currently pending,  the case summary offers a concise outline of the two issues to be considered by the court. … [Read more...]

‘The 1709 Blog’ Offers Coverage, Insights, Legal Analysis of Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth UK Supreme Court Hearing on Stormtrooper Copyright


Hugo Cox of The 1709 Blog, "dedicated to all things copyright, warts and all", published a substantive feature today entitled "Star Wars: the Hearing".  This article provides coverage of the three-day UK Supreme Court hearing that took place last week, with in person observations and legal insights, analysis, and observations on Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth in the related copyright … [Read more...]

Facebook Hosts Ongoing Public Debate Over Original Sculptor Credit for Star Wars Stormtrooper (Andrew Ainsworth or Liz Moore & Brian Muir)


Amid the topics of copyright ownership, enforcement of a U.S. judgment in the UK, determination of "works of art", and other issues as featured in mainstream media reports about the ongoing legal battle between Lucasfilm LTD (LFL) and Andrew Ainsworth and his Shepperton Design Studios (SDS), what has not garnered as much focus is the debate over which artist originally sculpted … [Read more...]

UK Mainstream Media Report on Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Copyright Lawsuit on Eve of Supreme Court Case


As reported two months ago (see "Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth Legal Battle Continues in 2011; UK Supreme Court Case To Be Heard in March"), the dispute between Lucasfilm and the British prop maker who built the stormtrooper helmets used in Star Wars: A New Hope will be heard by the United Kingdom Supreme Court beginning tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Lucasfilm vs. Ainsworth Legal Battle Continues in 2011; UK Supreme Court Case To Be Heard in March


Website has this week published two articles with regards to the copyright legal battle between Lucasfilm Limited and Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios over the sale of unlicensed replica Star Wars props and costumes. … [Read more...]

Court of Appeal in England Rules in Favor of Andrew Ainsworth in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars “Stormtrooper Helmet” Copyright Legal Battle


Today the High Court of Justice, Court of Appeal in England ruled in favor of Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios in his breach of copyright legal battle with Lucasfilm Limited over the sale of unlicensed replica Star Wars props and costumes.  … [Read more...]

Lucasfilm Strikes Back Against Andrew Ainsworth In Trademark, Copyright Dispute Over Movie Prop Stormtrooper Helmets


After a more than year long hiatus, today the Associated Press and other mainstream media outlets have renewed their coverage of the Lucasfilm legal dispute over the trademark and copyright of the Stormtrooper helmet and other helmets and armor produced for Star Wars: A New Hope.  … [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica Original Prop Auction II Update – Shipping and Fulfillment Costs/Details


One of the few missteps with the first Battlestar Galactica auction concerned post auction shipping costs and fulfillment (see Propworx/Battlestar Galactica: Post Auction Event Update).  With this second event just days away, PropWorx CEO Alec Peters has published the details concerning shipping and fulfillment for this next event, so all interested bidders are armed with very … [Read more...]