Nate D. Sanders Withdraws “Prototype” Star Wars Stormtrooper Prop Helmet with Andrew Ainsworth Provenance from Upcoming Auction


Four days ago, Original Prop Blog published an article (LINK) noting the Daily Mail wrote a piece promoting a Stormtrooper helmet auction in the Nate D. Sanders auction concluding this coming Thursday.  The helmet had been described as a "prototype" from the original 1977 Star Wars film, with provenance from Andrew Ainsworth.  Original Prop Blog has published a number of … [Read more...]

Daily Mail Piece on Nate D. Sanders “Super-Rare Prototype” Stormtrooper Helmet from Andrew Ainsworth’s Work on Star Wars


The Daily Mail must be an easy get for a puff piece on movie prop memorabilia, going by their latest article on the "prototype" stormtrooper helmet being put up for auction (again) by Nate D Sanders this month.  It reads as though it was repurposed from the auction house material, without the benefit of any third party analysis or questions about the provenance of the item.  A … [Read more...]

Update: Additional Images of Christie’s Withdrawn “Prototype” Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet


This is an update to the article published on Monday (see "Christie’s Withdraws “Prototype” Star Wars Stormtrooper Prop Helmet with Andrew Ainsworth Provenance from Upcoming Auction").  As mentioned in that prior article, unfortunately, no images were provided of the sides and back of the helmet.  A friend in the UK previewed the upcoming Christie's auction, and took photos of … [Read more...]

Christie’s Withdraws “Prototype” Star Wars Stormtrooper Prop Helmet with Andrew Ainsworth Provenance from Upcoming Auction


Today Christie's has withdrawn Lot 136 from their upcoming Sale #5446, a prop attributed to Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) and described as a "prototype Imperial Stormtrooper's helmet".   There has been ongoing public debate and controversy over movie prop Stormtrooper helmets trading for sale in the marketplace for years, and some of this debate and discussion intersected the … [Read more...]

Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth Legal Battle Aftermath & Update: Andrew Ainsworth Owes Lawyers £3.5 Million


Following the UK Supreme Court ruling well over a year ago, legal website The Lawyer today reports that Andrew Ainsworth owes the legal firm that represented him in his dispute with Lucasfilm about £3.5 million.  Per the report, "[t]he case was brought on a conditional fee arrangement (CFA), and usually the court will order the losing side to cover the other’s costs".  Since … [Read more...]

Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth UK Supreme Court Ruling: The Mainstream Media Interviews Andrew Ainsworth


Having followed the news reported by the mainstream media following Wednesday's UK Supreme Court decision, there have been some interesting accounts coming from the Ainsworth camp yesterday and today, including a very simplistic characterization of how the helmet and armor made their way from two to three dimensions (completely leaving out the sculpture contributions by Ms. Liz … [Read more...]

UK Supreme Court Rules in Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth Star Wars “Stormtrooper Helmet” Copyright Legal Battle


Since 2007, the Original Prop Blog has been covering the legal battle between Lucasfilm Limited and Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios over the sale of unlicensed replica Star Wars props and costumes.  The UK Supreme Court is today published their ruling on the two issues presented to them.  Of the two, the most critical came down to whether the stormtrooper helmets … [Read more...]

Bloomberg Report on Lucasfilm vs Ainsworth ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper Helmet Copyright Lawsuit; UK Supreme Court Decision Still Pending


Bloomberg today published a video report on the Lucasfilm Ltd. vs. Andrew Ainsworth dispute.  After Ainsworth prevailed in the UK Court of Appeals in late 2009, the case was argued before the UK Supreme Court in early March.  Mr. Ainsworth features prominently while giving a tour of his studio; Lucasfilm is represented by a two sentence written statement.  While the short … [Read more...]