“How I Met Your Mother” The Prop-erty Vault Sweepstakes & “Flash Sweeps” Every Monday 8PM–11PM EST


Twentieth Century Fox is doing something novel, and giving away key props and costumes from a popular television series, rather than auctioning them off.   How I Met Your Mother , the popular CBS sitcom, ended it's nine season run earlier this year, and now fans have a chance to win free props from the show for free via a special Tumblr page called the "Prop-erty Vault".    All … [Read more...]

Revisiting TV Prop Studio Sanctioned Auctions: Descriptions, Research, Production Made, Multiples, Back-Ups, “Use” on Screen (ScreenBid/Breaking Bad, Profiles in History/LOST, Christie’s/Star Trek)


An issue that seems to come up with every official studio auction of original props and costumes from popular television shows is that of buyers feeling mislead by descriptions of auction houses, particularly use.  We saw this with Christie's and their official "40 years of Star Trek" auction, with Profiles in History and their sale of material from ABC's LOST, and based on a … [Read more...]

Access Hollywood Provides More Coverage of the Profiles in History LOST Auction in 4-Part TV Interview


Access Hollywood has broadcast a 4-part video interview with Profile in History's Joe Maddalena with regards to this week's LOST auction, to be held on August 21st-22nd in Santa Monica.  Following reports by CNN, Sky News, and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, this illustrates significant mainstream media interest in the event involving the sale of original props, costumes, and … [Read more...]

Profiles in History LOST TV Prop, Costume, and Memorabilia Auction Event Showcased on CNN


The Profiles in History LOST auction, to be held later this month on August 21st-22nd in Santa Monica, was featured in a segment on CNN today.  This illustrates significant mainstream media interest in the event involving the sale of original props, costumes, and other material direct from ABC Studios from all six seasons of the popular television series. … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic Con Interview with Joe Maddalena, Profiles in History: Stan Winston, LOST Auction, SyFy’s ‘Hollywood Treasure’, ‘Variety Kids’ Charity Auction


The Original Prop Blog interviewed Joe Maddalena, CEO of Profiles in History, at San Diego Comic Con this week.  This video feature includes breaking news and announcements about upcoming events and efforts by the company, including next month's LOST live auction event, the Stan Winston tribute exhibit featuring pieces from Iron Man and Avatar, the new Stan Winston School of … [Read more...]