Prop Store Produces Quality Videos Showcasing Material from Their Upcoming “Live Auction of Film & Television Artefacts” on October 16th

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In support of their upcoming live auction event, Prop Store has produced a number of high quality videos showcasing some of the props, costumes, vehicles, and other production items that comprise their “Live Auction of Film & Television Artefacts” sale, which will conclude on October 16th.  I’ve often lamented the poor quality photos used by some of the auction houses in their respective auctions for television and movie memorabilia, so I thought the fact that Prop Store has gone to the other extreme – with extensive high definition videos – that it warranted a mention herein, as it is a positive step forward for this particular art market. Read more

Prop Store’s “Live Auction of Film & Television Artefacts” to be Held on October 16th, Catalog Available Online

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Prop Store will be holding their first live auction event in London on October 16th. The auction catalog is now available online via a PDF download and interactive catalog via their official website and collectors can bid through Prop Store has been one of the few “quality” dealers in this market for many, many years, with a reputation to match, so seeing them get into the live auction “event” side of the business is a very positive development in my personal opinion.  They have put together an excellent assortment of items for this auction (many of which have not been seen before and/or auctioned in public before) and the reserves are very, very reasonable (no “jackpot” reserves/estimates as I frequently complain about).  The catalog is impressive (in design and layout), and they are including a standardized COA with each item.  The online listings show many high quality images of each item.  I think if you read the letter at the front of the catalog, you will see that Stephen Lane and Prop Store have a different set of experiences and perspectives on collecting compared with most other auction houses – there is passion and understanding as collectors.  I wish them the best in their new endeavor.  Hopefully their entrance to this arena will motivate other auction houses to improve their own businesses.  I think collectors have been complaining about a number of facets of this business, and Prop Store has listened and addressed many of them with their first big auction, and I know that they are receptive to feedback and will build on what I expect will be a successful first event. Read more

San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Photography Journal (Cosplay/Costumes/Sights of The Convention) (#SDCC)

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As part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, this article features photos of cosplayers and fans wearing costumes, and other people in and around the convention center and Exhibit Hall, as well as the Gaslamp District, and other places in an around the action during the event. Read more

San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Photography Journal (Sights Around The Convention Center and Gaslamp Quarter) (#SDCC)

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As part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, this article features photos from the main Exhibit Hall of the convention center, areas around the convention center, the Gaslamp Quarter, and other places in an around the action during the event. Read more

HBO Presents Comic-Con International: San Diego’s 40th Annual Masquerade 2014 Photography & Contest Winners List (500+ Photos, #SDCC)

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This year marks the 40th Masquerade at Comic-Con International.  Presented by HBO, there were a total of 41 entries (individuals and groups).  I am happy to report that my own personal favorite entry – “Giant Monsters All Out Attack” – won best of show… Read more

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