San Diego Comic Con 2013: Photography Journal (Cosplay/Costumes/Masquerade/Sights of The Convention)

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One of the most fun things about Comic Con International in San Diego each year is checking out the costumes created and worn by many of the other attendees.  Some dress up for cosplay and others hope to win the annual Masquerade Party, but in any event it seems to get more and more impressive each year.  And then there are the funny costumes…  as well as the “photobombs” that have been know to occur (some of which can be found in the following photos). Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Video Interview with Tim Lawes, Prop Store

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I spoke with Tim Lawes of Prop Store today on the last day of Comic Con International: San Diego for 2013. Below is the video interview… Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Video Interview with Joe Maddalena, Profiles in History

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Joe Maddalena of Profiles in History took the time to talk about his company and upcoming auctions at Comic Con International: San Diego this weekend.  Below is the video interview… Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Metallica Rocks Downtown San Diego with “Secret Concert” Promoting IMAX 3D film “Metallica Through The Never”

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“What do you think? You’re scared… you want to know more, you want to see the whole thing”… Capping off “Metallica Day” at Comic Con International: San Diego (i.e. San Diego Comic Con) with a “secret” concert at Spreckels Theatre, the metal band’s front man James Hetfield makes a mid-gig reference to the IMAX 3D film, Metallica Through The Never. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band gave away tickets to the intimate 1,463 capacity concert venue during their Comic Con Hall H appearance earlier in the day (and funny enough, Hall H accommodates a much larger crowd of around 7,000. I know from picking up my own ticket at the special will call earlier in the day that many Fan Club members were also in attendance, so it was a pretty great energy from the crowd. Though the show was not too long (they came on an hour late at about 11 PM and finished up well before 12:30 AM), it was a fairly relentless onslaught of the metal music fans came to hear.

Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Prop Store Exhibitor Booth

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As per usual, Prop Store and staff from the London and Los Angeles offices have brought an assortment of impressive original TV and movie props and costumes to Comic Con International: San Diego this year, with highlights including the original motion tracker from Aliens and the flame thrower from Alien, as well as a bullwhip used by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Profiles in History Exhibitor Booth

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A long time exhibitor at Comic Con International: San Diego, the original props and costumes from film and television on display with Profiles in History this year are pieces on the auction block for their sales happening this month – Hollywood Auction 56 and The Dreier Collection, Part 2. Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Original TV & Movie Props and Costumes on Display and Exhibit

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This is actually the lightest year in some time for original props and costumes on display at Comic Con International: San Diego, apart from the usual showing by Profiles in History and Prop Store.  Nothing from Disney this year (who usually exhibit every other year) and much of what is on display is material from films not yet released. Read more

Prop Store Prepares for Annual Trek to San Diego Comic Con with Another Fantastic Showing of Original Props & Costumes

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The Original Prop Blog will be providing its usual covering of things related to the original movie and television prop and costume art market for the sixth year in a row at the upcoming Comic Con International: San Diego for 2013 in a few short weeks.  As per usual, Prop Store will be there with a mix of for sale and “Prop Store Collection” material on exhibit, and this year they have produced a video and published a press release as a preview of what to expect. Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Event Recap & My Personal Experience

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As explained in past articles and coverage, my experience with San Diego Comic Con (or Comic Con International) goes back to the late 80s, as I started attending around 1986 or 1987 or so (several years before I was even old enough to drive).  So it’s always a bit remarkable to take a moment within the exhibit hall and just let the enormity of it all, as it lives and breathes today, soak in  It is just a massive, massive event, and an awesome one at that. Read more

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Orignal TV & Movie Props, Costumes, and Vehicles On Display

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This is an amazing year at Comic Con in San Diego for the sheer number of original television and movie props on display at various booths and exhibits in and outside of the convention. This article will cover most of it (outside of Prop Store, Profiles in History, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, the special Batmobile exhibit, and Frankenweenie, for which I’ve already published independent articles).  Read more

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