San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Travel/Hotel/Resort/Ferry Travel Advice for Staying on Coronado Island for Comic Con (#SDCC)


I have been going to San Diego Comic Con (AKA Comic-Con International) since 1987, when I was 14 years old, but have until this year always stayed in Downtown San Diego apart from one time I stayed at Humphrey's By The Bay on Shelter Island.  Planning my travel and accommodations for 2015 was actually the first time that not only did I not get my first choice with the Travel … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Photography Journal & Photos of The Convention, Cosplay, Exhibit Hall (#SDCC)


This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  As in past years, this is a photo journal showcasing photographs of the exhibit hall, around the convention center and the Gaslamp District, and some of the popular cosplay participants.  Images are from Wednesday (Preview Night), Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Exhibit “Experience The Realm” (#SDCC #ExperienceTheRealm)


This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. 2015 marks the second consecutive year that HBO is hosting a Game of Thrones exhibit.  This year it is called, "Experience The Realm" (you can see my coverage of last year's "Survive The Realm").  Again, it was held offsite at the Omni Hotel in the Gaslamp District, a short walk to the Convention Center.  … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Prop Store Exhibit of TV and Movie Props, Costumes, Models, Memorabilia (#SDCC)


This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  Prop Store has an excellent exhibition this year, featuring a preview of material from their second annual live auction coming to London later this year.  Heavy on action and sci-fi, it drew a constant crowd of Comic Con attendees, many of which are fans of these genre films.  As with Star Wars Celebration … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Profiles in History & McCune Masterworks Exhibit of Movie Props and Models (#SDCC)


"Cocksucker"...  "Motherfucker"... "Asshole"...  Just a few of the expletives shouted at me by Joe Maddalena, President of Profiles in History, on the floor of the main exhibit hall at Comic Con yesterday.  I was in the midst of a friendly conversation with Brian Chanes and his 9 year old son, with my own 14 year old nephew standing behind me when Mr. Maddalena approached me … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Mattel’s “Ghostbuters” Proton Pack Movie Prop at Exhibitor Booth (#SDCC)


This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  Mattel has what appears to be an original movie prop of the newly redesigned proton pack for Paul Feig's reboot of Ghostbusters, coming July 22nd. … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Marvel Entertainment’s “Ant-Man” Costume at Exhibitor Booth (#SDCC)


This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  This is an off year for Marvel Entertainment, meaning that they elected to not have much of a presence or major announcements at Comic Con this time around.  They do have a giant space on the exhibitor floor, so rather than vacate it completely, they brought their stage and one costume for display - one of the … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: DC Entertainment’s “Batman v Superman”, “Arrow”, “The Flash” Props and Costumes at Exhibitor Booth (#SDCC)


This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. As has been the case for several years, DC Entertainment has put together another amazing collection of original props and costumes within their exhibitor space at Comic-Con.  This year, they have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman costumes (duplicated at their two booths) from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice … [Read more...]