‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Movie Prop Fertility Idols In The Marketplace Update 2014

November 6, 2014 by · 1 Comment 


This is an update to the 2013 version of this same article.  As with that 2013 feature, this one is prompted by another Bonhams auction offering for a fertility idol attributed to use in Raiders of the Lost Ark , this one referencing back to one of their older auctions in 2005.  Due to public interest in discussing iconic props from the Indiana Jones films, and confusion in the marketplace with regards to the provenance and authentication of such pieces, I thought it appropriate to update my ongoing series of articles on the topic with the new information and photos (see: Raiders of the Lost Ark Fertility Idols In The Marketplace). Read more

EXCLUSIVE: 237 Lost/Unpublished Historic Star Wars and Indiana Jones Movie Prop Photos from the Lucasfim Archives from 1996/1997

January 30, 2014 by · 42 Comments 


I recently obtained scans of historic photos taken at the Lucasfilm Archives at Skywalker Ranch circa 1996/1997, depicting original props, costumes, models, and other assets from the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) as well as the Indiana Jones franchise (Raiders of the Lost Ark , Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade). Read more

Bonhams ‘Entertainment Memorabilia’ Auction to be Held in Knightsbridge, London on December 18, Catalog Available Online

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Bonhams will be holding their next “Entertainment Memorabilia” (auction 20772) sale event in Knightsbridge on December 18. This sale includes a mix of film/television as well as music related memorabilia, with a total of 417 lots, with a number of items from the series Torchwood, Doctor Who, The Beatles, and Rolling Stones. Read more

Profiles in History ‘Hollywood Auction 56′, ‘Dreier Collection, Part 2′ Post Auction Reaction – Update on “Jackpot Reserves/Estimates Finally Out of Control?” (8 Months Later)

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Profiles in History had a tremendously heavy auction schedule at the end of July, holding no less than four auctions across five consecutive days (Property from the Estate of Milton H. Greene on 7/27, Hollywood Auction 56 on 7/28-7/29, The Dreier Collection Part 2 on 7/30, and their Animation Auction 58 on 7/31), though they also held their Rare Books and Manuscripts Auction 55 earlier in July, and had their huge San Diego Comic Con display in-between sale events.  These were their first big sales of 2013 (apart from the awkwardly titled, adjective-heavy The Property of a Distinguished American Private Collector, Part 2).  The last of their traditional Hollywood Auction events was in December of last year and, as written at the time, it seemed to indicate a collision of escalating reserves/estimates and some push back from the marketplace on the same.  Taking a top down view of these latest sales, the same mixed bag would seem to now be a trend, rather than a one off occurrence. Read more

Profiles in History ‘Hollywood Auction 56′ TV & Movie Prop Catalog Available Online for Sale Event July 28-29

June 28, 2013 by · 2 Comments 


Profiles in History’s Summer auction catalog, “Hollywood Auction 56″ is now available in print as well as online, via their official site. This sale is scheduled for July 28th & 29th at their Calabasas Hills facility. Read more

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