The “Production Protection Program” (“P-3”): Retired?


Based on the transfer of ownership of Elstree Props (see Elstree Props, New Ownership, Announcement On Redesigned Website) and a near complete lack of evidence of it ever having been on the Internet, it appears that the "Production Protection Program", or "P-3", has been retired. … [Read more...]

The “Production Protection Program” & The United Movie Collectors Guild

P3 Report Fraud Page

One development in the hobby that comes up as a topic of conversation from time to time, and is directly related to the opinion piece article posted a few days ago (see Original Prop Marketplace Oversight) as well as recent discussions about the Return of the Jedi lightsaber currently at auction (see Elstree Props “Original” Return of the Jedi Lightsaber at Auction), is the … [Read more...]