Superman Costumes in the Marketplace Archive: October 2009


This article continues coverage of Superman costumes and costume components offered for sale publicly in the marketplace attributed to use in the Superman films of the 70s-80s starring Christopher Reeve and characterized as “original” and “authentic”. … [Read more...]

New “Global Antiques” Hollywood Memorabilia Dealer on eBay (Michael Jackson, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz)


eBay dealer "moniemon92" - with an account created in 2007 but with no recorded transactions until a few weeks ago - has listed a number of items for sale with "Global Antiques" certificates of authenticity.  These auction offerings are dominated by listings of items owned/autographed by the recently deceased Michael Jackson.  … [Read more...]

“Costume Junkie” Returns “Super Hollywood” Superman Costume To Marketplace on eBay


One of the costumes archived in the very first of over 100 Superman costume-related articles, more than a year ago, was a "Super Hollywood" costume offered for sale on eBay by Edward Pugia (AKA "Costume Junkie").  This costume was again listed for sale via the "costumejunkie" account on eBay this weekend. … [Read more...]

Armando Alvarez’s Super Hollywood “super38” eBay Account NARU Status (Not A Registered User)


Armando Alvarez's (AKA "Super Hollywood) "super38" eBay Power Seller account has been changed to the eBay status of “No Longer A Registered User” / “Not A Registered User” (NARU). … [Read more...]

“Global Antiques” & “Auction Depot LA” Update: Victim Secures $18,000 Settlement & Deferred Judgment Following Lawsuit


One of the lead investigations conducted last year involved "original" memorabilia offered for sale with certificates of authenticity from "Global Antiques", signed by Greg Jones.  Pieces were sold on eBay via  "Auction Depot LA" and "Auction Shop USA".  These accounts were suspended by eBay, and one of the collectors who purchased a number of items from these … [Read more...]