Forbes on Comisar: “…Inside The World’s Greatest Collection Of TV Memorabilia”


James Comisar is perhaps one of the most interesting figures in the film and television collecting art market, and sort of serves as its ambassador into the world of serious journalists.  It seems with each high end glossy mainstream media outlet provides a different look and take into the eclectic world of iconic artifacts from the complete history of television. … [Read more...]

WPIX-TV (PIX11) News Feature: “NJ’s Attorney General Closes Case of Fraudulent Memorabilia”


Tribune Broadcasting’s New York flagship station, WPIX-TV (PIX11) in New Jersey, recently published a news report about the Bergen County Prosecutor's office auctioning off memorabilia seized in 2007 - memorabilia that Prosecutor John Molinelli was warned  included fake autographs.  The report claims that a prior report revealed that the prosecutor's office made false … [Read more...]

The 8th Annual Original Prop Blog “Year in Review” for 2014: News, Developments, and Trends in Collecting Original TV & Movie Props, Costumes and Pop Culture Memorabilia


As per tradition, (see 2007 Year in Review, 2008 Year in Review, 2009 Year in Review, 2010 Year in Review, 2011 Year in Review, 2012 Year in Review, 2013 Year in Review), what follows is an editorial featuring my personal observations and opinions with regards to the business of buying, collecting, selling, and preserving original pop culture artifacts - looking back at the top … [Read more...]

Nate D. Sanders Withdraws “Prototype” Star Wars Stormtrooper Prop Helmet with Andrew Ainsworth Provenance from Upcoming Auction


Four days ago, Original Prop Blog published an article (LINK) noting the Daily Mail wrote a piece promoting a Stormtrooper helmet auction in the Nate D. Sanders auction concluding this coming Thursday.  The helmet had been described as a "prototype" from the original 1977 Star Wars film, with provenance from Andrew Ainsworth.  Original Prop Blog has published a number of … [Read more...]

Daily Mail Piece on Nate D. Sanders “Super-Rare Prototype” Stormtrooper Helmet from Andrew Ainsworth’s Work on Star Wars


The Daily Mail must be an easy get for a puff piece on movie prop memorabilia, going by their latest article on the "prototype" stormtrooper helmet being put up for auction (again) by Nate D Sanders this month.  It reads as though it was repurposed from the auction house material, without the benefit of any third party analysis or questions about the provenance of the item.  A … [Read more...]