A Confession and The Psychology of a Fraud and Forger (“Caveat Emptor”)

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CBS News has broadcast a fascinating feature and interview with Ken Perenyi, a self-taught artist who fooled the art market and auction houses with forgeries of paintings.  His method was to bring paintings he himself made into auction houses, and ask them what he had, saying now in retrospect, “risk is addictive“. Read more

Southern California’s NBC-4 “I-Team” Investigation into Julien’s Auctions Michael Jackson Autographs from Costume Designer Michael Bush

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NBC-4 in Southern California have broadcast a report on their news program and published an accompanying story on their official site looking into claims made by third parties that items offered for sale by Julien’s Auctions, sourced from Michael Jackson’s costume designer Michael Bush, feature Michael Jackson autographs that are not authentic.  Read more

TMZ Reports on Cease & Desist Sent to Profiles in History Over “Rocky” Boxing Gloves; Sylvester Stallone Claims They Are Not Authentic

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TMZ today reports that auction house Profiles in History have been sent a letter by Lavely & Singer, litigation counsel for Sylvester Stallone, regarding Lot 1069 from their “Hollywood Auction 44″ catalog, published yesterday.  Per the report and copy of the letter published by TMZ, Stallone’s attorney claims that the “pair of screen-used Sylvester Stallone ‘Rocky Balboa’ boxing gloves” attributed to Rocky (1976) are not authentic.  TMZ also reports that a Profiles in History “rep tells us the company is VERY confident the gloves are legit“. Read more

Vintage Poster Scandal Update: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reports NY Federal Prosecutors Seek New Arrest Warrant

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today published an update to one of several scandals that rocked the collectible poster collecting field in 2009 and 2010.  The news report states that “Federal prosecutors in New York are asking a judge to jail a Georgia man who is accused of selling fake vintage horror movie posters over the Internet”. Read more

Jalopnik Challenges Authenticity of “JFK Ambulance”; Barrett-Jackson Sells Vehicle for $132,000 at Auction

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While not about original props and costumes from movies or television, this story is of interest in that it involves a public auction and public challenges over the authenticity of a high value item offered for sale – an ambulance said to have carried the body of President John F. Kennedy following his assassination in 1963 (Barrett-Jackson Lot: 1277 – 1963 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE AMBULANCE).  Read more

The Original Prop Blog 2010 Year in Review: News, Developments, and Trends in Collecting Original Movie Props and Memorabilia

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As was the case in previous years (see 2007 Year in Review, 2008 Year in Review, 2009 Year in Review), what follows is an editorial featuring my personal observations with regards to the hobby – looking back at the top trends, developments, and news stories of 2010. As is always the case, this is a completely subjective exercise, and merely touches on the developments and events that relate to the hobby.  Read more

New York Daily News Coverage Updates Ongoing FBI Sports Memorabilia Fraud Investigation

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New York Daily News sports writer Michael O’Keefe has been publishing an ongoing series of articles about an FBI investigation into the sports memorabilia industry (see Mastro Auctions Closes In Midst Of FBI Investigation Into Shill Bidding & Fraud Allegations).  Two updates have been published this week by the Daily News. Read more

King 5 News Reports on FBI’s “Questioned Documents Unit” Investigations into Sports Autograph Memorabilia Fraud

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Tonight Mimi Jung of King 5 News in Seattle, Washington broadcast a video report on investigations by the FBI into sports memorabilia fraud, with a focus on autograph forgeries. Read more

Vintage Poster Scandal Update: New York Times Reports Kerry Haggard Arrested on Mail Fraud Charges

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As a brief update to the various scandals involving allegedly fraudulent vintage movie posters circulating in the marketplace, two stories published online today by the New York Times report that Kerry T. Haggard has been arrested on mail fraud charges.  Read more

Annual Holiday Warning About Buying Fake and Fraudulent Movie Props, Costumes, and Memorabilia as Gifts

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Since today is “Black Friday”, I thought it would be appropriate to republish an editorial that I posted last year as the holiday season approached, warning consumers against the purchase of television and movie props, costumes, and other assets as gifts for loved ones.  Read more

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