A Confession and The Psychology of a Fraud and Forger (“Caveat Emptor”)


CBS News has broadcast a fascinating feature and interview with Ken Perenyi, a self-taught artist who fooled the art market and auction houses with forgeries of paintings.  His method was to bring paintings he himself made into auction houses, and ask them what he had, saying now in retrospect, "risk is addictive". … [Read more...]

eBay Shill Bidder Ordered By Judge To Pay £5,000


As reported back in April (see New eBay Legal Development in the UK – Seller to be Fined up to £50,000 for Shill Bidding), an eBay seller in the UK, Paul Barrett, plead guilty to shill bidding his own auctions. Yesterday, the judge in the case ordered Barrett to pay £5,000 in fines and court costs and to do 250 hours of community service. … [Read more...]

New eBay Legal Development in the UK – Seller to be Fined up to £50,000 for Shill Bidding


The latest in a series of interesting legal developments related to eBay in the past few years, breaking news today is the case of an eBay seller in the UK who faces up to £50,000 in fines for shill bidding his own auctions.  The Daily Mail reports this is the first case in which someone is being fined for such activities. … [Read more...]

Julien’s Auctions “The Collection of Michael Jackson” Sale Event Canceled; Items to Be Returned

Per reports from the Associated Press, both a spokesman for Michael Jackson and Julien's Auctions have said today that - as part of a settlement agreement in the widely publicized dispute - Jackson will retain possession of the approximately 2,000 personal items … [Read more...]

Julien’s Auctions Claims Victory in Court Hearing; Michael Jackson Denied Return of Personal Property


Per reports from the Associated Press, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brett Klein ruled in favor of Julien's Auctions and denied Michael Jackson's MJJ Productions efforts to have his personal property from Neverland Ranch returned.  The memorabilia is scheduled to be sold at auction April 22-25 in Beverly Hills. … [Read more...]