Anthony Shkutnick’s *stoneark* eBay Account NARU (Not A Registered User) Suspended Status


Today, Anthony Shkutnick's *stoneark* eBay account (AKA stonark, AKA Corner Collectibles, AKA Cornner Collectibles) was changed to a suspended or "NARU" status (Not A Registered User - or - No Longer A Registered User).  This dealer has been the focus of an ongoing investigation into the provenance of items offered for sale to the public that were “guaranteed authentic” … [Read more...]

Charge of “FRAUD” Over Letter of Authenticity From eBay’s *stoneark*


Today, professional wrestler Lanny Poffo has declared that a Letter of Authenticity bearing his (misspelled) name and signature, included as proof of authenticity in a recent *stoneark* auction, is fraudulent. … [Read more...]

eBay’s *stoneark*: “Buyer/Bidder Network” Analysis – Part 2


An article published earlier this week (see eBay's *stoneark*: "Buyer/Bidder Network" Analysis, Part 1) included analysis of a select set of eBay accounts and their bidding activities with eBay seller *stoneark* (AKA stonark, AKA Corner Collectibles, AKA Cornner Collectibles).  Anthony Shkutnick, partnered with eBay, offers for public sale "guaranteed authentic" wardrobe … [Read more...]

eBay’s *stoneark*: “Buyer/Bidder Network” Analysis – Part 1


30 days ago, I began performing an analysis of eBay seller *stoneark* (AKA stonark, AKA Corner Collectibles, AKA Cornner Collectibles) and bid participation patterns on his listings of "guaranteed authentic" wardrobe attributed to various classic Hollywood stars.  As a result, I identified 8 accounts that share not only some remarkable coincidences, but nearly each one has … [Read more...]

eBay’s stonark / *stoneark*: More On “Doumont Auction – World of Hollywood” Provenance


As has been noted in past features (see Market Watch | "stonark" / "*stoneark*" (Corner Collectibles / Cornner Collectibles)), eBay seller *stoneark* (recently changed from stonark) has paired Letters of Authenticity and Certificates of Authenticity from auction houses and a variety of other sources.  I have been unable to verify the existence of most of these firms and … [Read more...]

eBay’s *stoneark*: Another Name Change & Duplicate Listings With Different Attributions


As a short update to the *stoneark* (AKA stonark, AKA Corner Collectibles) articles, a reader pointed out to me today that there are two active and concurrent eBay listings depicting the same dress, but with two different attributions - to both Myrna Loy and June Harver.  Additionally, eBay's *stoneark* (formerly stonark, sans "e" and asterisks) have changed their company name … [Read more...]

eBay Deletes “Trust & Safety” Discussion Topic About *stoneark* (AKA stonark, AKA Corner Collectibles)


Today, eBay has deleted a discussion topic on their own "Trust & Safety (SafeHarbor)" discussion forum, part of their "Answer Center" where eBay users are encouraged to "[s]hare questions or experience with members".  This was a topic I initiated in September seeking assistance in verifying the sources of memorabilia marketed as authentic by eBay dealer *stoneark* (AKA … [Read more...]

eBay’s stonark AKA *stoneark* AKA Corner Collectibles, Version 2.1


The following is an updated version of compilation articles about eBay seller *stoneark* (aka stonark, aka Corner Collectibles) previously published on August 12, 2008 (Original Article) & September 18, 2008 ("2.0" Article).  This "2.1" version is a compilation of the last "2.0" version along with material from related articles published subsequently. … [Read more...]