NRA National Firearms Museum “Hollywood Guns” TV and Movie Prop Catalog Supplements Exhibit

NRA-National-Firearms-Museum-Hollywood-Guns-Exhibition-Catalog-01 [x500]

As mentioned in past articles, the NRA's National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia has been hosting a "Hollywood Guns" exhibit this year, and now a 46-page catalog of the pieces on display has been made available.  Many of these pieces have been featured on their "Curator's Corner" video series. … [Read more...]

“Guns & Ammo” Article: Top 10 Crime Films & Firearms

The latest (July 2008) issue of Guns & Ammo magazine has a special feature about firearms used in film. This article commemorates the 50th anniversary for the publication by listing their votes for the top 10 crime/criminal movies produced since 1958 with remarks and photos about the guns featured in those films. … [Read more...]

Little John’s Auction Service “Extremely Important Collector’s Auction” January 22-23, 2008

In in quick review of the new catalog for the Little John's Auction Service January 22-23 event ("Extremely Important Collector's Auction") , there does not appear to be much of interest to movie and television original prop collectors specifically (though a few non-Stembridge pieces): … [Read more...]

Stembridge Auction Report, Part 12: Al Pacino Pistol from Heat

Heat Stembridge Guns Magazine Comparison x450

As was the case with the Point of No Return pistols (see Auction Report, Part 7),when I was originally researching the Stembridge Collection catalog for Little John’s Stembridge Collection Auction, one of the few pieces on my “short list”, which I considered secondary to my two top wants (the T2 and True Lies pistols) was one of the pair of Heat sidearm pistols offered, which … [Read more...]

Stembridge Auction Report, Part 11: Bonanza Pieces Surface

This is the eleventh in a series of articles reporting on the Stembridge Armory Collection Auction in Los Angeles, hosted by Little John’s Auction Service. Part 11: Bonanza Pistols … [Read more...]