Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015: Prop Store Exhibitor Booth

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Prop Store’s exhibitor booth (#1140) for Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in 2015 is both familiar and different.  While the size and scale is comparable to what I’ve seen at San Diego Comic Con over the past five years, obviously with Celebration it is going to be 100% Star Wars-related content.  With this show, they brought out some of the important pieces from the Prop Store Collection (i.e. owned by the principals of the company and not for sale), including a Darth Vader helmet, Han Solo jacket, and a Princess Leia gown.  Read more

Profiles in History’s “Easy Rider” Movie Prop Captain America Motorcycle at Auction: Sold for $1.35 Million… or Not Sold?

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There was a tremendous amount of pre-auction mainstream media coverage about the motorcycle put on the auction block by Profiles in History last month, a lot of it generated from an AP story picked up by many news outlets that was titled “‘Easy Rider’ chopper at auction might be phony” (as of this time, that keyword search is resulting in 22,500 hits on Google).  The day of the auction, and for a few days following, the most used headline was a variation on proclamations that it sold for $1.35 million.  But, as a matter of public record, did it really sell?  And if not, why has no media outlet (to my knowledge) reported on the sale falling through? Read more

Nate D. Sanders Turns $7,000 eBay Auction Win into $50,000 In Less Than Two Months with “Jaws” Memorabilia Lot

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Sometimes I get busy and simply don’t have the time to publish a preview of each and every auction, particularly ongoing, monthly, online-only auctions (though I list everything of relevance that I am aware of in my monthly auction calendar feature).  This site and my efforts here are all done essentially pro bono (any advertising revenue collected does not come close to offsetting my costs accrued over the years), so I’m always a bit surprised when dealers get demanding with me for overlooking whatever for profit endeavor that they expect me to promote for them (gratis), especially when they’ve never made any contribution to the resource that is this website….  In any event, I was on the receiving end of e-mails and a phone call from the people at Nate D. Sanders in the past few weeks for not previewing their February auction (which is listed in my February calendar); said auction ended yesterday.  One of the notable sales was a collection of Jaws memorabilia, but more interesting to me was that the lot that realized $50,000 with Nate D. Sanders could have been had for around $7,000 at public auction on eBay two months ago. Read more

Photos from a Recent Visit to Prop Store’s London Offices

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In a recent visit to Europe and England, I had the time to stop by Prop Store in London to chat with Stephen Lane and Tim Lawes about the hobby and what is new with their business.  During my visit, I had a chance to take a few photos in and around their facilities to share with the readers of the Original Prop Blog.  Thankfully, this time my visit wasn’t interrupted by snow storms… Read more

Revisiting Ellis Props & Graphics – Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) Assigned to TV and Movie Props, Set Pieces, & Costumes Circulating in the Marketplace

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For reasons unknown to me, I continue to receive communications from recent buyers of memorabilia attributed to film and television productions, who believe I have something to do with various eBay sellers and/or Ellis Props (see article from one month ago today, “NOTICE: Original Prop Blog Does Not/Will Not Supply Props to Dealers “jnsmcmahan”, “jsnent”, John Tarter, Billie Null, Mark Sullivan, L.A. Prop & Wardrobe, Hollywood Prop Supply, Studio West Prop, Ellis Props, et al“).  In any event, with one of these more recent contacts, I asked the buyer of one of these pieces to send me a photo of the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) supplied with the item purchased (in this case the COA provided was one that originally appears to be from Ellis Props).  A long time trusted collector in the field was kind enough to forward to me some images of confirmed legitimate examples of Ellis Props COAs obtained during the sales/liquidation circa ’99/’00, and that COA is very different from the one just obtained by a buyer from a piece purchased on eBay.  Read more

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