Revisiting TV Prop Studio Sanctioned Auctions: Descriptions, Research, Production Made, Multiples, Back-Ups, “Use” on Screen (ScreenBid/Breaking Bad, Profiles in History/LOST, Christie’s/Star Trek)


An issue that seems to come up with every official studio auction of original props and costumes from popular television shows is that of buyers feeling mislead by descriptions of auction houses, particularly use.  We saw this with Christie's and their official "40 years of Star Trek" auction, with Profiles in History and their sale of material from ABC's LOST, and based on a … [Read more...]

‘LOST’ Items Not “Lost”; New ‘The Prop Blog’ and Unnamed Source Get Facts Wrong About Upcoming Auction According To Profiles in History


Yesterday, "The Prop Blog" (see New Website “The Prop Blog”...) published an article citing "a source that has chosen to remain anonymous" reporting that "Profiles in History plans to auction off only what they have determined to be the top 1,000 pieces" in their upcoming LOST auction.  … [Read more...]

Zap2It Questions Authenticity of TV Prop Assets from ABC & Disney’s Upcoming LOST Auction Managed by Profiles in History


In an article published today by, the news entertainment website questioned the authenticity of props being auctioned by Profiles in History in their well publicized and studio sanctioned sale event (see 'Lost' finale auction -- Real or reproductions?). … [Read more...]

Profiles in History Feature in Latest Issue of ‘LOST: The Official Magazine’

LOST-Magazine-Profiles-in-History-Auction-Coverage-Cover [x425]

The latest issue of 'LOST: The Official Magazine' (Jan/Feb '10) includes a "preview" feature on Profiles in History and their auction of assets from the TV show, slated for mid next year following the close of Season Six.  … [Read more...]

Profiles in History Offers Online “Preview” Catalog of Props in Next Year’s LOST Auction


As announced earlier this week, as part of my coverage of next month's auction (see Video Interview: Joe Maddalena and Profiles in History “Hollywood Auction 37″, Disney/ABC’s “LOST” Auction Update), Profiles in History today published a special preview catalog of LOST items to be offered in their event in June 2010. … [Read more...]

Video Interview: Joe Maddalena and Profiles in History “Hollywood Auction 37”, Disney/ABC’s “LOST” Auction Update


I spent part of the day yesterday at Profiles in History with President & CEO Joe Maddalena, who gave a personal tour and preview of some of the items offered for sale in their upcoming "Hollywood Auction 37" event, to be held at Calabasas Hills, California on October 8th & 9th. … [Read more...]

“LOST” Images from Disney’s D23 Expo, Exhibit by Profiles in History Promoting May 2010 Auction

Profiles-In-History-LOST-Auction-Disney-D23-Expo-Photos-01 [x425]

As reported back in June (see “D23 Expo” at Anaheim Convention Center in September 2009 to Feature “Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives”), Disney held a fan expo this past weekend.  Included among the exhibits was one from Profiles in History which promoted the upcoming final season of LOST as well as their subsequent auction of original props, costumes, and other assets from … [Read more...]

ABC Interview with Profiles in History About LOST Auction


The official ABC website has an interview with Profiles in History's Joe Maddalena about next year's LOST auction of original props, costumes, and other studio assets.  As with the Original Prop Blog interview, this was shot during Comic Con. … [Read more...]