Flash Gordon Rocketship Featured on “Pawn Stars” Listed on eBay for $100,000


As mentioned a few days ago, the latest episode of Pawn Stars features a rocketship model claimed to have been used in the Flash Gordon serials from the 1930s.  What appears to be the same model is now listed for public sale on eBay for a $100,000 "Buy It Now" price, stating that it is "an original movie studio prop - NOT a copy or reproduction" and that "[t]he model for sale … [Read more...]

Jason DeBord of Original Prop Blog Featured as Memorabilia Expert Authenticator on Latest “Pawn Stars” Episode (“Rick’s Roulette”) for Flash Gordon Prop Rocketship


I am featured in the History Channel's popular cable reality series, Pawn Stars, in the latest episode debuting this week, "Rick's Roulette" (Season 2015, Episode 27).  I served as the Hollywood memorabilia expert and authenticator for one of the segments of this episode, taking a look at a prop model attributed to the Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s.  This was filmed in … [Read more...]

Bonhams ‘Entertainment Memorabilia’ Auction to be Held in Knightsbridge, London on December 10, Catalog Available Online


Bonhams will be holding their next "Entertainment Memorabilia" (auction 21948) sale event in Knightsbridge on December 10th. This sale includes a mix of film/television as well as music related memorabilia, which has a stronger emphasis, with a total of 347 lots overall. … [Read more...]

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Movie Prop Fertility Idols In The Marketplace Update 2014


This is an update to the 2013 version of this same article.  As with that 2013 feature, this one is prompted by another Bonhams auction offering for a fertility idol attributed to use in Raiders of the Lost Ark , this one referencing back to one of their older auctions in 2005.  Due to public interest in discussing iconic props from the Indiana Jones films, and confusion in the … [Read more...]

Bonhams ‘Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Presents… There’s No Place Like Hollywood’ Auction to be Held in New York on November 25th


Later this month, Bonhams will be holding their follow-up to last years, "What Dreams Are Made Of: A Century of Movie Magic at Auction as Curated by Turner Classic Movies".  On November 24th, again in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies, they will host the "TCM Presents... There's No Place Like Hollywood" live auction  New York (and simulcast in Los Angeles) on November … [Read more...]