Movieum of London To Celebrate Anniversary, Host Terry English Exhibit


The Movieum of London will be celebrating its one year anniversary in March, and the celebration will be marked with a special exhibition by world renowned armourer Terry English. … [Read more...]

“Star Wars: A New Hope” Batpy’s Stormtrooper Blasters


I have started a series of more comprehensive profiles of the original props in my own collection, and the first piece to be showcased is one of the Imperial E-11 Stormtrooper blasters produced by Bapty in England for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  Since Star Wars has such a wide appeal, I thought I would make note of it in a redirect article for those who may be … [Read more...]

“Machine Gun News” Stembridge Gun Rentals Article – Circa 1996


I was able to find another old article from a long out of print magazine with a nice feature on Stembridge Gun Rentals, Inc. - circa 1996. This was published in the July 1996 issue of "Machine Gun News", written by Dan Shea of Long Mountain Outfitters. … [Read more...]

“True Magazine” Stembridge Gun Rentals Article – Circa 1969


I was able to find a very old article from a long out of print magazine with a nice feature on Stembridge Gun Rentals, Inc. - circa 1969. This was published in the January 1969 issue of "True Magazine: For Today's Man". It is quite a fascinating read with a nice historic photo. As was the case with the Guns Magazine article, "Shoot For Effect", I have shared a PDF of the … [Read more...]

The Side Arms of James Bond, 007: From The Walther PPK to the P99


I recently acquired a very rare James Bond Walther PPK for my own collection, so I have done some research as to what handguns have been offered to the marketplace attributed to use in the films as the side arm of James Bond. I thought it might be of interest to readers to know "what is out there". The focus of this article is primarily hero and "real" firearms (no stunts). … [Read more...]

Little John’s Auction Service “Extremely Important Collector’s Auction” January 22-23, 2008

In in quick review of the new catalog for the Little John's Auction Service January 22-23 event ("Extremely Important Collector's Auction") , there does not appear to be much of interest to movie and television original prop collectors specifically (though a few non-Stembridge pieces): … [Read more...]

Stembridge Auction Report, Part 12: Al Pacino Pistol from Heat

Heat Stembridge Guns Magazine Comparison x450

As was the case with the Point of No Return pistols (see Auction Report, Part 7),when I was originally researching the Stembridge Collection catalog for Little John’s Stembridge Collection Auction, one of the few pieces on my “short list”, which I considered secondary to my two top wants (the T2 and True Lies pistols) was one of the pair of Heat sidearm pistols offered, which … [Read more...]

“Guns Magazine” Stembridge Gun Rentals Article – Circa 1998

Thanks to Brandon Alinger for sending me this article some time ago. Unfortunately, I forgot I even had it before the Little John's Stembridge Auction, as it featured some pieces actually auctioned off back in June (notice the grips on the Payback and Titanic pistols match one of each auctioned off). This is an excellent article about Stembridge Gun Rentals written by John … [Read more...]