Premiere Props ‘Hollywood Auction Extravaganza X’ Catalog Online, Television & Movie Prop and Costume Sale Event June 15 (Plus An OPB Editorial Plea For Authentication)

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Lots for Premiere Props’ sale in mid-June have been listed online with online bidding partner iCollector, as part of their “Hollywood Extravaganza X”. The one-day auction is scheduled for June 15th. As with past auctions, the sale includes general memorabilia, though, as with their last sale, there is more interesting material with this event than they’ve had in some time, although much of it does not include any substantive information (or even vague information) about history and provenance in the lot descriptions (though to their credit, some do).  Premiere Props is such a frustrating company, on so many levels, but some of their auction descriptions (if you can even call them that) are beyond unacceptable.  I can’t imagine someone wanting a piece so badly as to take such a massive leap of faith in bidding on something in which no information whatsoever is provided about *why* it is authentic. Read more

Hobbyist Collector Launches “PROPbay” Online Museum and Marketplace to Auction, Buy, Sell, & Trade TV and Movie Props and Costumes

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Fellow hobbyist Alex Tutusaus has this week launched a new service for television and movie prop collectors called “PROPbay”.  The online service and website was created to offer collectors an opportunity to share photos and information about pieces in their collection, as well as interact with one another to discuss trading, buying, and selling such material.  The site is dedicated to original production material (not replicas). Read more

Interview With Brian Johnson, Special Effects Artist (Special to the OPB)

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Brandon Alinger of the Prop Store of London has shared some interviews with me with permission to publish them on the Original Prop Blog for readers to enjoy. The first interview is with Academy Award winning Special Effects Artist Brian Johnson. Read more

Link to The OPB

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Below are graphics and links – you are welcome to use these to link to the site:

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About OPB Website Reviews

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A new feature to the OPB is an ongoing series of hobby-related website reviews that might be of interest to original prop collectors. This will include websites about specific subjects, online discussion forums, blogs, and more. Read more

About OPB Book Reviews

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Article Summary: An overview of a new category for upcoming OPB articles, featuring reviews of books, in whole or in part, related to original prop and wardrobe collecting. Read more

Christie’s Withdraws “Prototype” Star Wars Stormtrooper Prop Helmet with Andrew Ainsworth Provenance from Upcoming Auction

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Today Christie’s has withdrawn Lot 136 from their upcoming Sale #5446, a prop attributed to Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) and described as a “prototype Imperial Stormtrooper’s helmet“.   There has been ongoing public debate and controversy over movie prop Stormtrooper helmets trading for sale in the marketplace for years, and some of this debate and discussion intersected the legal battles between Lucasfilm and Andrew Ainsworth.  In the auction description, Andrew Ainsworth was named as the source of provenance for the prop withdrawn from the current Christie’s sale. Read more

Julien’s Auctions ‘Icons and Idols’ Movie Prop Guns Supplemental: James Bond 007’s Walther PPK from “Licence to Kill”, Al Pacino’s Colt from Michael Mann’s “Heat”, Pam Grier’s .38 Detective Special from Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown” and More

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Since I have been publishing the Original Prop Blog for about six and a half years as a free resource to the public, I thought I would add one article (about of about 1,645 to date) to make note of and promote a few of my own auction consignments in the upcoming Julien’s Auctions “Icons and Idols” sale taking place in Beverly Hills on November 8th, 9th, and 10th.  Items from my personal collection included in this sale include six movie prop pistols: a Walther PPK used by Timothy Dalton as James Bond in Licence To Kill, a Colt pistol used by Al Pacino in Michael Mann’s Heat, the .38 Detective Special pistol used by both Pam Grier and Robert Forester in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, a customized pistol used by Bridget Fonda in Point Of No Return, a Winchester shotgun used by Juliette Lewis In Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers, and a Glock 17 pistol used by Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum. Read more

Premiere Props Does Soft Launch of New “MovieProps DNA (MPDNA)” Authentication System with DNA Ink and “Panel of Industry Experts”

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As is their usual procedure, Premiere Props has put up a portion of the lots for their upcoming sale (Hollywood Extravaganza XI on September 28-29) with online bidding partner iCollector, though with these lots each includes boilerplate information about authentication that has not been part of past auctions.  Back in May, I made a public and literal plea for Premiere Props to put a real and substantive effort into authentication of their consignor-based auction material, and whether or not it is merely coincidental, it appears that they are doing just that starting with this upcoming auction, with “a panel of industry experts not affiliated with Premiere Props” called MovieProps DNA (MPDNA).  While the “soft launch” of these changes raises many questions (which I will outline below), it is certain a significant step in the right direction. Read more

Premiere Props Now In Business Of Selling “Authenticated” Forgery, Along With Premiere Props COA? (Star Trek Mark English Communicator)

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“Crew members and independent collectors have verified the authenticity of this item as a Mark English Forgery. Comes with a COA from Premiere Props”.  Wow.  I guess this is a new direction of this art market, filed under Sell At Any Cost: The Authenticated Fake Prop?  As noted in my wordy titled preview of Premiere Props upcoming regularly scheduled auction (see “Premiere Props ‘Hollywood Auction Extravaganza X’ Catalog Online, Television & Movie Prop and Costume Sale Event June 15 (Plus An OPB Editorial Plea For Authentication)“, their authentication and lot descriptions, in my personal opinion, left a lot to be desired.  I have no idea if anyone at Premiere Props reads the Original Prop Blog, but if “authenticating” a fake prop as fake and still offering it for sale is what they thought I had in mind with my public “plea for authentication”, they could not have been more wrong.  There is zero benefit to selling forgeries back into the marketplace, in my opinion, and the idea of including a COA “authenticating” a fake as a fake makes my head spin.  If the fake fooled Premiere Props, is it responsible for them to continue to facilitate the sale of a piece that is widely regarded as problematic for those of us who make efforts to keep such pieces out of the marketplace?  How about someone takes a hammer to it instead? Read more

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