Judge Sentences eBay Entertainment Memorabilia Dealer to over 8 years in Federal Prison and Orders to Pay Nearly $175,000 in Restitution to Victims


As reported on last year (see "eBay Entertainment Memorabilia Dealer Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges in U.S. District Court"), eBay entertainment memorabilia dealer David Bruce Shyrock plead guilty to fraud charges in federal after defrauding over 1,200 eBay users out of nearly $175,000 by selling memorabilia with forged autographs on the popular online auction website.  Today, … [Read more...]

FBI Press Release: “Three Men Plead Guilty to Fraud Involving Sports Memorabilia”


As reported by various mainstream media outlets this week (New York Daily News original report, NY Daily News follow-up, Forbes, WREX-13), several memorabilia dealers plead guilty this week to fraud charges related to the sale of "game worn" sports jerseys.  Sentencing is scheduled for May 2012, and each maul fraud charge has a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and $250,000 … [Read more...]

TMZ Reports on Cease & Desist Sent to Profiles in History Over “Rocky” Boxing Gloves; Sylvester Stallone Claims They Are Not Authentic


TMZ today reports that auction house Profiles in History have been sent a letter by Lavely & Singer, litigation counsel for Sylvester Stallone, regarding Lot 1069 from their "Hollywood Auction 44" catalog, published yesterday.  Per the report and copy of the letter published by TMZ, Stallone's attorney claims that the "pair of screen-used Sylvester Stallone 'Rocky Balboa' … [Read more...]

Salt Lake Tribune Details Role of BYU in Cecil B. DeMille ‘Ten Commandments’ Film Archive, Contribution to Blu-Ray Release


An article published in today's Salt Lake Tribune provides a history of Bringham Young University's role in preserving an incredible archive of production material from Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments (1956), as well as the role of Utahns who were involved with the film and the famed director's respect for their reception of his classic film.  … [Read more...]

London Evening Standard Feature Highlights Work and History of Jonathan Sands and the London Film Museum


Jonathan Sands and the London Film Museum which he manages is the subject of a very significant article in today's London Evening Standard.  The UK mainstream media have now published two substantive articles in as many days, the other highlighted yesterday (see Holly Haber and Lennard Billin of Reel Clothes & Props Featured in UK’s Daily Mail Article). … [Read more...]

Holly Haber and Lennard Billin of Reel Clothes & Props Featured in UK’s Daily Mail Article


Owners Holly Haber and Lennard Billin and their business, Reel Clothes & Props, are featured in an extensive article published in print and online in today's Daily Mail out of the UK.  The publication, which has a fondness for celebrities, focuses on what kind of wardrobe material the retail outlet offers and goes into specifics of how it relates to various Hollywood actors … [Read more...]

Story About Prop Masters on National Public Radio (NPR) Academy Awards Feature


National Public Radio (NPR) has broadcast a radio feature about the world of the prop master, talking with principals from History for Hire, ISS Props, and The Handprop Room and others. … [Read more...]

Jalopnik Challenges Authenticity of “JFK Ambulance”; Barrett-Jackson Sells Vehicle for $132,000 at Auction


While not about original props and costumes from movies or television, this story is of interest in that it involves a public auction and public challenges over the authenticity of a high value item offered for sale - an ambulance said to have carried the body of President John F. Kennedy following his assassination in 1963 (Barrett-Jackson Lot: 1277 - 1963 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE … [Read more...]