NOTICE: Original Prop Blog Does Not/Will Not Supply Props to Dealers “jnsmcmahan”, “jsnent”, John Tarter, Billie Null, Mark Sullivan, L.A. Prop & Wardrobe, Hollywood Prop Supply, Studio West Prop, Ellis Props, et al

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I am in receipt of a phone call today from a gentleman from Missouri, calling me claiming that he was told by an eBay dealer that the "vintage Listerine bottle from The Waltons" that he purchased was sold by the Original Prop Blog to the eBay dealer.  A simple search brought up such a listing on eBay - VINTAGE LISTERINE BOTTLE FROM TV'S THE WALTONS+ - sold five days ago by eBay … [Read more...]

More “Planet of the Apes” (The Terminal) Statue of Liberty Prop Revelations – John Tarter Provenance?

Hollywood Parts Statue of Liberty Head John Tarter Hollywood Prop Supply [x425]

In April, the "Planet of the Apes" Statue of Liberty prop that has long been the focus of an ongoing investigation by the Original Prop Blog was determined to have in fact been made for and used in the 2004 Steven Spielberg film The Terminal starring Tom Hanks - not the 1968 science fiction classic Planet of the Apes.  … [Read more...]

Comparing “jsnent” and “jnsmcmahan” Photos on eBay


In a prior article, "Classic" Film & Television Prop and Wardrobe eBay Sellers, I made note of a number of similarities between the items offered for sale on eBay by "jsnent" (confirmed to be John Tarter of L.A. Prop and Wardrobe) and "jnsmcmahan".  This serves as a short update including a pictorial side-by-side comparison of photos from listings offered under each … [Read more...]

“Classic” Film & Television Prop and Wardrobe eBay Sellers


There are several companies on eBay that sell notable quantities of props and memorabilia attributed to use in classic and vintage film and television productions, as well as items characterized as personal property of Hollywood stars and notable famous figures from history. The purpose of this article is to identify these companies and include information about their public … [Read more...]