Revisiting TV Prop Studio Sanctioned Auctions: Descriptions, Research, Production Made, Multiples, Back-Ups, “Use” on Screen (ScreenBid/Breaking Bad, Profiles in History/LOST, Christie’s/Star Trek)

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An issue that seems to come up with every official studio auction of original props and costumes from popular television shows is that of buyers feeling mislead by descriptions of auction houses, particularly use.  We saw this with Christie’s and their official “40 years of Star Trek” auction, with Profiles in History and their sale of material from ABC’s LOST, and based on a reader comment today on my article about newcomer ScreenBid and their Breaking Bad auction, it would seem that the same issue is in play with this latest sale as well.  Since people likely don’t check my articles for comments after reading it, I thought it might be worthwhile and productive to highlight that comment and my response in a new article, as it is an issue that seems to occur with each of these official studio sales, particularly because it brings in participants who have not participated in such sales before, and perhaps have not purchased or collected original props, costumes, and other artifacts from film and television. Read more

Prop Talk Podcast #018 – Troika Brodsky, “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy Collector | Interview by The Original Prop Blog with Jason DeBord

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Troika Brodsky, special guest. This is the eighteenth ‘Prop Talk’ podcast by the Original Prop Blog.  Troika Brodsky is a hobbyist who has, over the past ten years or so, amassed the largest personal collection of Lord of the Rings props, costumes, and other material from the film trilogy.  The collection will be auctioned by Julien’s Auctions (see official site) on December 5th as their “Trilogy Collection: Props & Costumes from Middle-Earth” auction event.  The collection will also be part of a public exhibition at Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons (MOSI) in Kildare, Ireland from October 23rd to November 17th.

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The Original Prop Blog 2012 Year in Review: News, Developments, and Trends in Collecting Original TV & Movie Props, Costumes and Pop Culture Memorabilia

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As per tradition, (see 2007 Year in Review, 2008 Year in Review, 2009 Year in Review, 2010 Year in Review, 2011 Year in Review), what follows is an editorial featuring my personal observations and opinions with regards to the business of buying, collecting, selling, preserving original pop culture artifacts – looking back at the top trends, developments, and news stories of 2012. As is always the case, this is a completely subjective exercise, and merely touches on the developments and events that relate to the hobby. Read more

The Original Prop Blog Quarterly Web Site Traffic Statistics: Q4 2012

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The latest web site traffic statistics for the Original Prop Blog, as of December 31, 2012 (Q4 2012).

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Opinion/Editorial: Free Advice for Premiere Props – Seven Tips To Improve Live Auction Business

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Premiere Props has been around since 2001…  about a year longer than I have been collecting.  So they’ve been a fixture in the hobby for my collecting “lifetime”.  In fact, one of the first original props I ever purchased I bought from Premiere Props on eBay (one of The Shoveler’s shovels from Mystery Men).  While they have demonstrated longevity, I’m actually kind of surprised at how little they have evolved over the years.  Today I find myself inspired to offer some third party tips, in the form of free advice, that would make a positive impact on their business and standing in this art market.  My intention is not to be snarky, but underline some issues that have been painfully obvious over the years (to me anyway).  Seven simple changes could vastly improve the company (it was originally going to be three, but as I started writing this, it grew; still, it is not intended to be comprehensive).  The following is my list, based on my personal observations and opinions. Read more

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