Disney To Acquire Marvel Entertainment In $4 Billion Deal; Future Impact on “Studio Reseller” Deals?


Disney announced today that it is in the process of buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion dollars in cash and stock.  This acquisition will include ownership over Marvel's thousands of characters as well as Marvel Studios, which is responsible for film franchises such as Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor, and Captain America. … [Read more...]

Banned From The “Star Trek Props, Costumes, and Auctions” Forum


Yesterday Alec Peters, CEO of PropWorx, banned me as a member of his "Star Trek Props, Costumes, and Auctions" discussion forum.  Since bans from discussion forums are public acts - presumably as a consequence of bad behavior - I thought it would be appropriate to make a note of this here, to memorialize my perspective.  … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic Con 2009: Video Interview with Alec Peters, PropWorx


I had an opportunity to meet and chat with Alec Peters, CEO of PropWorx, while attending San Diego Comic Con.  The video interview includes a recap of the Battlestar Galactica auction (past and future), a "state of the hobby" review, talk about competition among other dealers/resellers and auction houses, a discussion of issues in the hobby, and news about the future of … [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica Original Prop Auction II Update – Shipping and Fulfillment Costs/Details


One of the few missteps with the first Battlestar Galactica auction concerned post auction shipping costs and fulfillment (see Propworx/Battlestar Galactica: Post Auction Event Update).  With this second event just days away, PropWorx CEO Alec Peters has published the details concerning shipping and fulfillment for this next event, so all interested bidders are armed with very … [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica Original Prop Auction II Update – Print Edition of Second Catalog Available


As noted last month (see Live Event Catalog Available Online), the online PDF version of the catalog for the second Battlestar Galactica auction event has been made available for this month's auction in Pasadena, May 8th-10th.  Collectors started receiving the print edition in the mail in the past week or so, and I received a comp copy from PropWorx, so I thought I'd share my … [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica Original Prop Auction II Update – Live Event Catalog Available Online


The electronic version of the Propworx auction catalog for their second upcoming Battlestar Galactica prop auction is available for download - the live event is is scheduled for May 8-10, 2009 in Pasadena, CA. … [Read more...]

Final Battlestar Galactica Original Prop & Costume Live Auction Set for May 8th-10th in Pasadena


Propworx has published a new press release about their second and final Battlestar Galactica original prop and costume live auction event.  It is scheduled for May 8th-10th, 2009 at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Below is the official press release. … [Read more...]

Propworx/Battlestar Galactica: Post Auction Event Update


This article serves as a post auction update for Propworx and their handling of the liquidation of assets from the Battlestar Galactica series on behalf of NBC Universal.  This will cover the newly issued Propworx Certificates of Authenticity, shipping and handling of merchandise, customer service, ongoing eBay auctions, upcoming events, and related news. … [Read more...]