Premiere Props Offers Authenticated Fake Prop for Public Auction and the Hobby Says…


As reported a few weeks ago (see “Premiere Props Now In Business Of Selling “Authenticated” Forgery, Along With Premiere Props COA? (Star Trek Mark English Communicator)“), the entertainment memorabilia dealer tried to make lemons out of lemonade after being informed by third party observers that one of the pieces listed for public auction in their latest sale was a forgery.  They changed the title and description for the lot in question, recasting the offering as an authenticated fake prop.  I have just gotten around to looking up the results of the June 15th sale, and found that the item is marked “WAS NOT SOLD” (though there was a bid of $200 – the start price).  I had characterized the sale as “a first in this art market – the open and notorious public sale offering of “authenticated” fake props, along with a COA certifying it… fake?”  Well, the hobby has apparently spoken…  I guess?

Hopefully Premiere Props has learned from the experience, and their next sale won’t include any authentic fakes.

Premiere Props Hollywood Extravaganza X – Lot 147 “Star Trek (1966) Mark English (ME) Forgery Communicator”


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So, in short…  Premiere Props listed a fake prop for sale as authentic… was subsequently told that it was fake…  they left it up for sale anyway, and then changed it to an authentic fake, with a $200 start price… a price which was realized at auction with a single bid, yet the item was not sold?

Jason DeBord


  1. says

    Premier did the same thing with the replica W.O.P.R. prop made for the WarGames pseudo-sequel “Wargames: The Dead Code” some months back. They tried to foist it off as the original from 1983. I was made aware of it by a reader of my homage to WarGames at who tried to alert them to the fact. I also emailed Premier to let them know it was a misleading and fraudulent description well before the close of the auction. Some schlep reportedly paid north of $30K for this pile of crap, and probably is still in a state of denial! Buyer beware with Premier Props!

    • originalpropblog says

      I do remember the W.O.P.R. prop. I had actually e-mailed Premiere Props – prior to their change of attribution to the sequel – on 9/2/12, asking for better photos so I could help them sort it out, but they never responded. I noticed that they ultimately changed the description as being from the sequel… but looking at the poor quality photos from their auction it was obvious that it did not match up to the original, so how did they arrive at that assessment?


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