Inside Gold & Silver Pawn (The “Pawn Stars” Shop)

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Note: This article was originally published on the Rock Subculture Journal.  I met up with some friends of mine who live in Las Vegas, who, like me, collect original artifacts from film, television, and music. I became acquainted with them years ago through the Original Prop Blog, and they have been huge supporters of my efforts. The History Channel series, Pawn Stars, has been a topic of discussion on the Original Prop Blog for years (see original article), so who could pass up the opportunity to check out the store where it all happens? So we visited Gold and Silver Pawn.

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Profiles in History Pledges More Transparency; Open Q&A On Website Regarding Provenance, Authenticity, Other Questions

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Fong Sam, General Manager at auction house Profiles in History, yesterday published an interesting article on his website about “the concept of auctions as peer review“, in response to a question at a panel at C2E2 (where they held their Captain America auction) about “verifying provenance“.  While Fong’s article covered a number of different topics, and referenced the concept of transparency, I thought it might be a valid exercise to ask a question/make a suggestion, to explore the possibility of the company making real steps forward in this regard.  Based on Fong’s preliminary response, it sounds as though they may actually implement a feature on their website where questions about the material that they sell can be publicly asked and answered, to the benefit of all.  If this should actually happen, I will be the first to applaud such a change in how they conduct business. Read more

Premiere Props ‘Hollywood VIP Auction I’ Catalog Online, Television & Movie Prop and Costume Sale Event April 28th

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The online catalog for the Premiere Props “Hollywood VIP Auction I”, scheduled for  April 28th, is now listed via online bidding partner iCollector.  The newly branded, one-day auction  one-day auction is advertised as  including over 500 lots from various film and television productions. Read more

Profiles in History Sells ‘Captain America’ Hero Costume for a Quarter of a Million Dollars… Revenge of the “Hype Premium”? Alternate Explanation?

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It would appear that auction house Profiles in History had an unbelievable success with their Captain America: The First Avenger Auction event this past weekend, on behalf of Marvel Studios.  The stand out single sale, of course, was “Lot #154 Captain Amerca complete hero suit“, which sold for $233,700 ($190,000 hammer plus $43,700 Buyer’s Premium).  Over a quarter of a million dollars for one of presumably multiple copies of a costume from a movie that was released nine months ago.  I am not easily surprised by anything in this art market, but this I find astounding and shocking.  And my first thought immediately went to a concept discussed on this site in the past – the “Hype Premium” – but even that cannot come close to explaining this auction result.

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“The Check That Bought Superman” at Auction (1938 Payment Made by DC Comics to Siegel & Shuster for Character Ownership)

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Comic Connect is holding a very special, interesting, and historic auction for “The Check That Bought Superman”.  In fact, it is a check written by DC Comics in 1938 to Siegel and Shuster, creators of the character and comic book Superman, for $412, $130 of which was purportedly for the rights to the character. With about a week left at public auction, it is already bid up to $46,000.  Full details about the piece and the auction can be found at Read more

Vintage Poster Scandal Update: Judge Sentences Kerry Haggard to over 6 years in Federal Prison and Orders to Pay $1,380,000 in Restitution to Victims

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This is an update to the ongoing series of articles into various claims and charges of fraud in the posters, one sheets, and lobby cards art market that have rocked the collectibles industry over the past two and a half years. Today, per reports from Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Athens Banner-Herald, and other mainstream media sources, Kerry Haggard was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon to six years and six months in federal prison.  The court also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $1.38 million dollars. Read more

Judge Sentences eBay Entertainment Memorabilia Dealer to over 8 years in Federal Prison and Orders to Pay Nearly $175,000 in Restitution to Victims

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As reported on last year (see “eBay Entertainment Memorabilia Dealer Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges in U.S. District Court“), eBay entertainment memorabilia dealer David Bruce Shyrock plead guilty to fraud charges in federal after defrauding over 1,200 eBay users out of nearly $175,000 by selling memorabilia with forged autographs on the popular online auction website.  Today, the Joplin, Missouri man was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Richard E. Dorr to eight years and four months in federal prison without parole.  The court also ordered Shyrock to pay $174,894 in restitution to his victims.  Read more

Announcement: The Rock Subculture Journal

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As I mentioned in my Original Prop Blog Five Year Anniversary article published a few days ago, one of the projects I have been working on is a new website for music. Today, this site has launched as the Rock Subculture Journal, which can be found at:  My objective is to publish articles about collecting original rock and pop music memorabilia (much as I do here with television and movie props and costumes), but also to publish reviews, tips, news, and other content about the rock music culture and events. Read more

The Original Prop Blog Celebrates Its Five Year Anniversary

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Today – April 5th, 2012 – marks the five year anniversary of launching this website, the Original Prop Blog.  In Spring 2007, I published the first article, “The Hobby Without A Name…”, though I didn’t have any idea I would still be writing articles five years later, and I wouldn’t have imagined writing approximately 1,559 of them (currently a 5 year average of 0.87 articles per day since launch, which is quite a lot considering I am the sole contributor). Read more

HollywoodPatch Reports Lawsuit Filed Against Profiles in History Over Hollywood Treasure TV Show Concept

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HollywoodPatch today published a report that Erik Anderson filed a lawsuit against Profiles in History, Joe Maddalena, and producers Shevick*Zupon Entertainment and Zupon Entertainment over the idea for their SyFy television series, Hollywood Treasure.  Per their article, Mr. Anderson claims to have pitched Mr. Maddalena the idea for a show with the same concept, which he called Hollywood Forgotten, in October 2009, and he also published four episodes of his show on YouTube. Read more

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