Author Chuck Palahnuik’s Faux Ikea “Ying Yang” Movie Prop Table from Fight Club Donated for Charity Auction Supporting The Pixie Project

Charles “Chuck” Palahniuk, journalist and Fight Club novelist, has donated one of the original “ying yang” table set pieces that was used and featured in David Fincher’s film version of his award-winning book.  The auction for the table started on eBay today, with proceeds benefiting The Pixie Project, a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon that provides animal adoption and other related services.

The faux Ikea table, named “FRUKTBAR” in the film, quite stylishly and with flair has the provenance literally written on it by Mr. Palahniuk:

Below is a video featuring Chuck Palahniuk and Amy Sacks, Executive Director of The Pixie Project, talking about the faux Ikea table – one of three tables – the “beauty table”, sent to Mr. Palahniuk by David Fincher as a joke in 1999.  (click here to view on YouTube)

Below is a link to the 10-day auction now running on eBay (eBay Item #290687911585):

Below is a link to the official website for The Pixie Project at

You can learn more about Mr. Chuck Palahnuik at his own website,

Jason DeBord

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