Forward/Repost: “A Message from Bob Gale, Co-Creator, Co-Writer and Co-Producer of the Back to the Future Trilogy” on Original DeLorean Car Movie Prop Restoration

Bob Gale has circulated some information about efforts to restore the “A” car DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy, so I thought I would pass along to the readers of the Original Prop Blog in the event someone is in a position to help.

Below is the message I received from the newsletter this afternoon (also found at

A message from Bob Gale, co-creator, co-writer and co-producer of the Back to the Future Trilogy

Great news for Back to the Future fans — and a request for help!

First..the great news (and no, it’s not another Back to the Future movie): I’m proud to announce that a complete museum quality restoration of the Back to the Future “A” Car DeLorean is about to begin! As so many fans already know, the various DeLoreans used in the trilogy were designated by letter, based on how detailed they were. The “A” car was the very best of them, and was used in all three films. Unfortunately, after years of being displayed outdoors, the elements took their toll on this very special vehicle, so I successfully spearheaded a campaign to do something about it.

The actual work will be done by three of the biggest BTTF DeLorean fanatics I know: Joe Walser, J Ryan and Terry Matalas, all of whom have been involved in creating picture-perfect BTTF DeLorean replicas. (J’s car can be seen in one of the special features in the recent BTTF Trilogy Blu-ray.)

You can follow our progress via our Facebook page, as well as on Twitter.

And now, the request for help: I am calling on all fans who either have original parts from any of the DeLoreans from the BTTF Trilogy, or who know of anyone who has such items, to become part of this important project. Please email us with details. You may have something we need, or you may be able to help us track down something we need. If so, you’ll be duly acknowledged as a contributor to the restoration.

Thank you, and onward to the future!

— Bob Gale

Below are direct links to the new Facebook and Twitter accounts:

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