Original Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 “Freddy” Gloves Update

Back in June 2007, I published an article about Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 “Freddy” gloves in the marketplace, and highlighted that reproductions (marketed as replicas) were being crafted by Mr. David B. Miller (see Original Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 Freddy Gloves).  Mr. Miller was kind enough to share supplemental information in his Reader Comment to the original article (see Update).  I stumbled across a relevant discussion this week on a forum called Springwood Slasher with members raising concerns about a “Freddy” glove listed for public sale on eBay (see Is this really the screen used glove?).  In discussing with other hobbyists and horror prop expert Mario Kirner, Mario shared an interesting observation based on a review of his archive of images of past examples of this specific prop offered for sale in the public marketplace.

The prop offered for sale on eBay this week for $15,000.00 has since been ended early by the seller, Star Wares, for the following reason:  “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available

The listing can be found at www.eBay.com (see Original Prop Freddy Krueger Glove):

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Mario Kirner explained that he believes that this glove was offered for sale to the public in the past, based on a comparison with a photo from his archive.  Below is a comparison between the “Freddy” glove offered for sale in the past – which shows the “David B. Miller” writing inside – and the “Freddy” glove offered for sale on eBay this week.  Examining the photos, it appears it may be the same glove, with “David B. Miller” written over/scratched out (via similar-colored ink) and the name “Caesar” added toward the bottom.  Mario pointed out that César Díez Álava served as the prop assistant for Part 5 of the franchise (see IMdb).  Heritage Auction Galleries offered a “prototype” glove from Part 5 at auction back in 2009 that had “Ceasar” written on it (see Auction Archive).  Note: David B. Miller also worked on the “Freddy” franchise (see IMdb).

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Below is a marked version of the same photo comparison, highlighting some of the similar markings in both:

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Mr. David B. Miller continues to sell Freddy glove replicas at www.davidmillercreations.com, which are clearly marketed as reproductions, for $300.

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