The Original Prop Blog Monthly Web Site Traffic Statistics: April 2010

The latest web site traffic statistics for the Original Prop Blog, as of April 30, 2010…

The following is a guide of the various aspects being tracked each month:

  • Requests/Hits: Every element on every page (i.e. each photo or graphic) is counted as a server “request” or “hit” (so visiting the main portal may result in 20-30 “hits”); however, a caching plug-in was implemented in May 2009, which may result in an under-reporting of actual traffic.
  • Page Views: Every visit to a unique page – the main page, a static page, or any article – should return a “Page View” result of one per page (though, as noted, this may now be under reported due to caching and different tracking software)
  • Visits: “Visits” are the number of times one user browses the site, and visits one or more pages.
  • Unique Visitors: “Unique Visitors” are the number of uniquely identifiable users that visited the site. May 2009 was the first month of reporting this feature, it will only be reflective of that date, not historically.

Jason DeBord

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