Coldplay “End of Decade Clearout Sale” Memorabilia Auction Raises Over $400,000 for Charity; eBay Auction Results


As reported two weeks ago, Grammy Award-winning rock band Coldplay offered memorabilia for auction for their "End of Decade Clearout Sale", with auctions having ended Monday through today, New Year's Eve. The instruments, wardrobe, and other memorabilia items  auctioned on eBay raised over $400,000 for their designated charity, "Kids Company". … [Read more...]

Concerns in Marketplace Over Authenticating Movie Prop Slates & Clapperboards: Update 4 (Terminator 3 Case Study Continued)


This is an update to the Terminator 3 case study article published earlier today.  I had an opportunity to speak with Kevin Ivey of Ivey Slates on the phone, and he was very helpful in providing some additional information, opinion, and clarity following his review of the article about clapperboards used in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. … [Read more...]

Concerns in Marketplace Over Authenticating Movie Prop Slates & Clapperboards: Update 3 (Terminator 3 Case Study)


This is another update to the recent articles which articulated some concerns over the authenticity of slates and clapperboards circulating in the marketplace. Previous articles used clapperboards from Quantum of Solace as a case study.  This feature takes a look at clapperboards attributed to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ("T3"). … [Read more...]

Update from Owner of Fake ‘Star Wars’ Movie Prop Blaster, Claims Acquired from Les Hemstock “As Is”


Following a story published on the Original Prop Blog (see Fake ‘Star Wars’ Movie Prop Blaster Resurfaces on eBay with Elstree Props “Danziger Collection” Certificate of Authenticity), I have been contacted by the current owner who recently listed the prop for sale on eBay, who claims that the prop was previously acquired by him in a transaction with Les Hemstock.  … [Read more...]

Christie’s, CBS, Paramount Prevail in ‘Star Trek’ Memorabilia Auction Lawsuit


Two years after making the rounds as a lead story in the mainstream media, the Associated Press today reports that the Supreme Court of New York's Appellate Division ruled that a Star Trek fan does not deserve $7 million dollars in damages as a result being displeased with one of the three items won at the "40 Years of Star Trek" auction held by Christie's.  … [Read more...]