The “Production Protection Program” (“P-3”): Retired?

Based on the transfer of ownership of Elstree Props (see Elstree Props, New Ownership, Announcement On Redesigned Website) and a near complete lack of evidence of it ever having been on the Internet, it appears that the “Production Protection Program”, or “P-3”, has been retired.

The “P-3” was the co-topic (along with the United Movie Collectors Guild, or UMCG) of an article published one year ago:

While some of the content of the “P-3” was archived in that article, not all of it was, as the site was live at the time that the feature was written.

Today, not only is the site gone, there is no Google cache nor archived pages.

As an overview, below are the primary pages:

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The “Production Protection Program” is still marketed on the website (AKA “The Williams Collection”, Bruce Hubbard):

And the website:

In any event, it does appear to have been offline for some time, and given the statement on the updated Elstree Props website that ownership was transfered in February of this year, that would seem to contribute to what appears to be an abandonment of the site and initiative.

To date, I have yet to hear of any results nor participation by collectors or studios.

Jason De Bord

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