Superman Costumes in the Marketplace: August 2008, Part 3

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This article continues coverage of Superman costumes and costume components offered for sale publicly in the marketplace attributed to use in the Superman films of the 70s-80s starring Christopher Reeve and characterized as “original” and “authentic”.  Read more

Anatomy of an “Original” Movie Prop Certificate of Authenticity (kellysheroesmilitaria Update 7)

August 29, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

This is a follow-up to previous articles (see kellysheroesmilitaria Original Props…, Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Update 4, Update 5, Update 6) in which “original prop” auctions by “kellysheroesmilitaria” on eBay were compared with non-movie prop matching items available for sale from online retailers, as well as non-movie prop purchases made on eBay by “kellysheroesmilitaria” and items that appear to match being offered for sale as “original props” from the same eBay account.  Read more

“ComicLink”/”Super Museum” Superman Costume: Auction Outcome Update

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Tonight the auction for the Superman costume offered for sale at public auction by “” with the Letter of Authenticity from Jim Hambrick of the Super Museum ended with 33 bids for a price realized of $3,600, though the unstated reserve was not met.  Read more

Charity Auction: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation

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A series of auction items are available on eBay in support of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, including a number of “VIP Experiences”, set/show visits, and various television-related memorabilia.  The auctions are scheduled to run through September 4th. Read more

Sotheby’s Refuses to Return Consignment Following Ownership Dispute

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There is an article at Maine Antique Digest about a dispute over a Thomas Jefferson letter consigned to the Sotheby’s auction house – the Attorney General of the state of New Jersey sent a letter to Sotheby’s prior to the auction event, claiming ownership of the document.  Read more

Charity Auction: “VIP Experience” Set Visit, Walk On Role in Spider-Man 4

August 27, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Stand Up To Cancer (see listed on eBay today an auction listing for a set visit, walk on role, and more for the production of the film Spider-Man 4.  The 10-day auction is slated to end September 5th.  Per IMDb (LINK), the film is anticipated for a release in May of 2011. Read more

The Definitive Original Superman Costume Primer by Martin Lakin at

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Jim Bowers of informed me of a new article by Martin Lakin (with Chris King) published on his site today – IS IT SILK? IS IT PLASTIC?: A Study of the ‘Superman’ Movie Costumes 1978-1987.  This study is, in my opinion, the definitive primer on original Superman costumes from the Christopher Reeve films of the 70s and 80s.  It is well-written, remarkably well-researched, rich with information and details, and presented as an excellent all-in-one overview resource.  Read more

Madonna, Marquee Capital, & “High Quality Memorabilia Investments”

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There is often a preoccupation with “value” in mainstream media coverage of the original prop collecting hobby.  Today there has been a lot of little news bytes with regards to a company called “Marquee Capital” and the announcement of an exhibition of “film and stage costumes and artefacts” from Madonna.  Read more

ABC7 News Video Feature on “Collectors Book Store” Auction in December

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ABC7 News has a short video broadcast available online with details about the “Collectors Book Store” 5-day auction coming this December from Profiles in History.  This will be one of three auctions held by Profiles that month (the other two being the Hollywood Wax Museum auction and their traditional Hollywood Auction). Read more

More from Jim Hambrick (Super Museum / Supermuseum)

August 25, 2008 by · 4 Comments 

I have received another e-mail message from Jim Hambrick with regard to the questions about the Superman costume currently at auction with “ComicLink” citing as provenance the notarized Letter of Authenticity signed by Jim Hambrick, Supermuseum (LINK).  Read more

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