The Original BMX Bike from E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

There is an interesting story published in The Sun this week, about the lead singer of Kasabian acquiring (and unfortunately, riding) the original BMX bike used in the Steven Spielberg classic, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial BMX Elliot Bike Prop Stephen Spielberg

The most disturbing part of the story is this quote:

“The bike is not quite as pristine as when he bought it. But he didn’t buy it to leave in some sort of trophy cabinet, he bought it to have a laugh with.”

It’s very unfortunate (presuming the piece is authentic) that such an important and iconic prop is not being cared for properly. I don’t understand the point in acquiring something if you don’t have any respect for what it is or what it represents.

Here is a link to the full story at The Sun (LINK):

Singer’s £8k on C-3PO & R2-D2

Published: 27 Dec 2007

KASABIAN frontman TOM MEIGHAN has added to his growing Empire of sci-fi toys — by splashing out £8,000 on Star Wars replicas.

The singer used the force of his cash to have fabulous life-size models of R2-D2 and C-3PO created.

Tom — whose band had a No1 album with Empire — hired a skilled model maker to craft the giant copies of the cult film’s robots for his growing collection of movie memorabilia.

His trendy flat is now beginning to look like Leicester’s answer to Universal Studios.

Earlier this year the cult movie fanatic also spent £10,000 on Elliott’s BMX from ET — then bought an ET model to go in the bike’s basket.

Now his Empire is expanding again with his latest Star Wars buys.

Last night a pal said: “Tom has paid £8,000 to have the life-size R2-D2 and C-3P0 models made and they are both exact replicas from the film. They now have pride of place in his flat, which is full of cool stuff from cult movies.

“Tom spent around £10,000 earlier this year on the actual BMX they used in ET — and he also has a life-size model of ET.

“ET and Star Wars, along with Superman, are his favourite films and he’s well chuffed with his latest purchases.

“Tom is a good lad and is living the dream. He’s the frontman in a rock ’n’ roll band and his apartment is full of the best boys’ toys that money can buy.”

But Tom isn’t happy just admiring his purchases — he’s been playing with his goodies and recreating some of his favourite movie scenes.

And like most young lads with their toys at Christmas, he’s in danger of damaging them by getting over-excited.

His pal revealed: “Tom has been riding his ET BMX around his flat — with ET in the basket on the front.

“The bike is not quite as pristine as when he bought it. But he didn’t buy it to leave in some sort of trophy cabinet, he bought it to have a laugh with.”

Well, I’m pleased to hear he is applying his motto for life to his valuable and rare possessions.

Go on, Tom, ride it ’till the wheels fall off.

Jason De Bord


  1. renesisx says

    The problem comes when you haven’t earned something, or it didn’t cost you enough.

    I shamefully remember how badly we looked after some of the incredibly rare bears we traded when I ran a company selling bears on eBay (this was around 1996 – eBay was basically founded on the sale of soft toys and pirated software from that time).

    The problem was that our business was doing so well, that we had cash coming out of our ears, we had insanely rare toys stacked up everywhere. They just lost their value to us. We didn’t see them as precious any longer. We didn’t treat some of those items well at all, as we had enough just to buy more if we wanted.

    It was also a way of showing off. If dealers would come to our place they would be totally shocked that we had all these rare items just stacked up in piles. It was a way of showing how rich we were – we were acting like these expensive items were cheap toys.

    I can see how this dude from Kasabian feels, as I know the same feeling. He’s just showing off to his friends – “Hey look at me, I’m so rich I can ride around on E.T.’s bike!”

  2. says

    A quick update: I have been contacted by a hobbyist who claims this account in The Sun is not accurate – that the bicycle is a replica recently put together to the “E.T.” specs. I will post a full update if I am able to verify this sufficiently.

    Jason De Bord

  3. steve blackey says

    I Just came across this site doing some research on the ET Bike and I can say with 99.9% probability that this guy does not own an actual prop ET BMX bike.
    I know this because I personaly assembled the 25 bikes used in the movie, and all 25 bikes used in the movie were returned after the shooting was completed to the bike shop where I had assembled them.
    I kept two bikes for myself, including the one with the basket, the rest were sold for $25 each to local kids in the San Pedro Ca area. I would say it is a long shot that any of the bikes would be found in any recognizable condition.
    I kick myself a lot now for what I did to my two bikes, yes I did take the basket off and rode the shit out of it (hey, I was only 16) then threw it away when I got a new bike. I gave the second bike to my brother who proceeded to repaint and modify the bike beyond recognition (he also performed stunts in the movie). Anyway, if there is any pics of this so called prop bike, I can tell if it’s real or not….

  4. J Coles says

    Hello I own a real et original bmx from 1982 I’ve had it from new when I was 12years old.If anyone is interested in owning this bike please contact me!!


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