From The Basement of Bob Burns: Alien, Aliens

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As a continuation from yesterday’s article (focused on Star Wars), this one features photos from Bob Burns‘ basement of original props from the Alien/Aliens movies… (click photos for higher res) Read more

From The Basement of Bob Burns: Star Wars

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I was fortunate enough to take a tour of Bob Burns‘ basement back in October 2005, so thought I’d share some photos here.

This is a set of original Star Wars props and masks… (click photos for higher resolutions) Read more

Darth Vader, Mervyns, 1980…

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I’ve been asking my sister, caretaker of the family photo albums, to track down these photos for years, and she’s finally found them… Read more

Original Lightsaber Prop From Star Wars To Be Sent Into Space

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Per, it looks like one of the original lightsabers from A New Hope will be going on an interesting journey. Should be interesting to see the news coverage of this event. Read more

Little John’s Auction Service “Hard Assets” Auction September 10-11, 2007

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As noted in a previous article (“Future Auctions“), in quick review of the new catalog, there does not appear to be much of interest to original prop collectors: Read more

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