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Heritage Auctions Announces Sylvester Stallone Sale; Promotes With Bizarre, Low Budget Video?

Yesterday, Heritage Auctions announced their October sale event, “Stallone – The Collection”, which garnered a lot of mainstream media coverage and interest.  Strangely, the main marketing piece published was a bizarre, low budget (no budget?) video, which entailed not much more than following Sylvester Stallone around with a video camera (or maybe mobile phone shooting […]


Calendar of Live Auction Events: TV and Movie Props & Costumes, Hollywood Entertainment, Music, & Pop Culture Memorabilia

Below is the latest updated calendar for upcoming original movie and television prop, wardrobe, and memorabilia auction events. Please contact me if you are aware of any coming events of interest to collectors. Please also note that I update changes/additions to the calendar until the next update, in order to maintain as up to date […]


Official Pix Offers First Autograph & Signing/Sketch/Artwork Opportunity With Colin Cantwell, “Star Wars: A New Hope” Prototype Model Builder

Official Pix is offering their first signing opportunity to get autographs and personalized sketches from Colin Cantwell.  At 82 years old today, Colin Cantwell famously made the first prototype models for the first Star Wars films for George Lucas back in 1974/1975; the first realizations for the X-Wing Fighter, the Y-Wing Fighter, the Tie Fighter, […]


San Diego Comic-Con 2015: DC Entertainment’s “Batman v Superman”, “Arrow”, “The Flash” Props and Costumes at Exhibitor Booth (#SDCC)

This is part of my ongoing coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. As has been the case for several years, DC Entertainment has put together another amazing collection of original props and costumes within their exhibitor space at Comic-Con.  This year, they have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman costumes (duplicated at their two booths) from […]

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Julien’s Auctions Holding “Hollywood Legends” and Property from the Estates of Dom DeLuise and Sid & Florence Caesar on June 26th & 27th

Julien’s Auctions has published three online catalog for their upcoming sales – “Hollywood Legends”, “Property from the Estate of Sid & Florence Casesar”  and “Property from the Estate of Dom DeLuise”, all taking place at their Beverly Hills gallery on June 26th and 27th.  The two day sale will feature a variety of Hollywood memorabilia […]

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